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What are Best Drones for Beginners

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Drones are designed to complement human effort, but at the same time they differ in functions and features; the higher the level, the more experienced the pilot it needs.

It is recommended that before any user can start using the drone they should first engage in some practice to avoid wrecking the equipment.

But for better performance, we will advise you get a drone that suits your level of experience, which is why this piece was put together in the first place – to list the best drones for beginners. Below, it is listed thus:


1.Parrot Mambo

This is a great drone for armature pilots  Aside from being controlled using a 2.4Ghz remote controller, the Parrot Mambo can also be controlled using the Bluetooth enabled App which can still be controlled from a 20 meters range.

The drone is also equipped with an FPV VR Racing Drone Goggles which enables you to view a clearer video or picture quality on your mobile platform. The 0.3MP camera though low in resolution but can deliver quality footage, it also comes in 3 flight modes - Easy, Drift and Racing which has the maximum light time of 10 minutes when fully charged.

2.Holy Stone HS120

This is an ideal drone for beginners, though it can be recommended for experts on a larger scale. It comes in a complete FPV package feature, and the acrobatic attribute also comes with an easy to control mechanism.

It is designed with a 2.4 GHz remote controller implanted with an LCD screen display where users can view their videos in real-time. The drone is also fast, it can attain up to 45km/h (28mp/h) in a 3 steps speed mode.

With the are 3.7V 450mAh AA controller batteries, the drone can attain 18 mins of steady flight after a full charge, though this drone comes with an FPV feature it is much lower than the usual control distance.

With a built-in camera of 108p resolution, this drone can make a 120º View which is ideal for racing purposes. Other features of this drone include a 5.8 GHz frequency video is a transmitter that transmits videos in real-time, Low Power Alert, and LED lights that come with a 3D flip.

3.Altair 818 Hornet

In as much as this us is compactable for all level of drone pilots, it is regarded as the most suitable for beginners. Powered by two 7.4V lipo batteries, this drone is designed to attain a 15-minute flight time when fully charged, so with double battery power, you are expected to enjoy 30 minutes fly time at a 150m range.

With a 2MP camera that has a 720p resolution and can cover quite a considerable range with its 120º wide-angle lens that can take both quality photos and excellent videos. The drone is also equipped with a Wi-Fi feature that enables the camera to transmit live videos straight to your smartphone device.

This FPV enabled drone comes with a smartphone holder that helps the user watch the videos in real-time. Other features of this drone include a One Button, 3D VR, Headless Mode, Takeoff/Landing, and Out of Range Alarm.

4.UDI Force1 U49W (Blue Heron)

Also called the Blue Heron, the UDI Force1 U49W is designed to guard every new pilot through his journey to become a pro; a feature that qualifies it as the best drone for beginners. It comes with a double battery package that allows users to switch over to the next one battery. Each battery can maintain a 15mins flight time which can cover 100 meters, so, logically you have 30mins and more flight range to cover.

The camera feature allows you to transmit live videos via WiFi which transmits it directly to the pilot’s smartphone device with the support of the FPV features which presents these videos using the in-built drone App. Beginners will have a Wow moment with this drone especially because it is also built with Motors and extra Propellers which allows it to make 360º aerial spins with ease.

5.  UDI Mini U835 (Kestrel)

This is another good drone designed for armature pilots. We must point out that the remote controller comes with an FPV monitor. Unfortunately, the drone has a battery lifethat can last up10minutes at a full charge and the controller battery runs low before the drone does.

When it comes to controlling range, it can fly as far as 100 meters. It also comes with a camera with a VGA quality that can make a 720p resolution accompanied by a 120º wide-angle camera lens.

The camera transmits back to the 4 inches monitor embeds on the remote controller which has a 5.8 GHz frequency. Other features of the drone include Headless Mode, Low Battery Alarm, Return to Home, and an Altitude Hold.

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