What are Masonic banners?



Banners have been used for a long time in history to declare association with a certain organization of the one who bears such banners. If we even go back to ancient Egypt, there were specific symbols used to declare relationships between various regimes. Even armies of Roman empires had their Shields designed with specific symbols. But it wasn't until the 12th century when in England, different individuals and families used particular symbols to demarcate their heritage and for it to be passed along generations.

Masonic banners were usually used in lodges and in processions to declare their association with freemasonry.


Who uses the Masonic banners?

As history proclaims, individuals related to Freemasons were different symbols or signets to declare their loyalty and association with it. So a proud member of the Masonic family would use such Masonic banners. They were usually carried in processions while they marched forward at the very beginning of the crowd held by its members. Do such processions are not much in trend nowadays. These banners can still be seen in Masonic halls and lodge rooms.



What are the banners usually made of?

The Masonic banners usually contain symbols that are created by the Masonic brotherhood. They can usually be seen on various types of fabric depending on the person who is getting it made. They can also be made in the highest quality of sateen. The sizes and quality can deform the banners are usually single-sided, and the back is usually plain. The symbol or the image which is who trade in the front is usually hand painted applicant or embroidered or digitally printed. The banners usually have castellation slaves along the top so that they can be hung on any surface. Individuals can also opt for fringe at the bottom.


Meaning of different Masonic symbols that are used on the banners

The symbols which I used really used on the front of the banner are Masonic symbols and can be used to declare the royalty towards the brotherhood. They are of various kinds and also mean different things. Some important ones are as follows:


Masons believed the mosaic pavement that the temple of Solomon had a mosaic pavement which was made of black and white stones. So the lodge represents the order's old symbol. The black and white stones are interpreted as the evil and good of human life.


The rough and perfect ashlars- The rough ashlar represents the freemason was not yet discovered the right way of life or his purpose in life.

The perfect ashlar represents a much more proper shape and form, which is a comparison to Masonic education, which helps an individual find their purpose in life and have a better understanding of life.


The square and the compass is the most used symbol of freemasonry. Both of them R an architect’s tool and were used in different rituals.


The two pillars represent the way of entrance to King Solomon's temple. It also ideally indicates strength and stability, with the two pillars and the rounded spheres on top representing day and night.


The three pillars are not to be confused with the two pillars as they represent something completely different: wisdom, strength, and beauty. The middle pillar or known as the Doric order, the left pillar is also known as the iconic, and the right pillar is also known as the Corinthian.


The all-seeing eye is the most famous symbol of freemasonry. It represents the fact that the Freemasons invite everybody into their organization, be it Christians, Catholics or Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. They believe that there is only one God, and you, that one God watches over the entire universe.


Interlocking triangles indicate the union of two different principles: the active and the passive or the male and female, which exists in and I universe. It is also one of the world's most ancient symbols and can be seen outside many Masonic temples.



If you are a part of the Masonic brotherhood and want to declare your loyalty, or you are a new lodge and want to create a proud backdrop of your Masonic heritage, you should surely get a banner for your purpose. It creates importance and stature for your lodge and also gives you the perfect pride for decoration.