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What are Raffia Shoes All About

Well, summer’s here once again, and it is time you made some changes in your wardrobe to adapt to the season. How about starting with your footwear? During the summers, you need shoes that are stylish, comfortable and classy. What could be a better choice than raffia shoes, in that case? Are you wondering what raffia shoes are all about? Here is a brief overview to help you know more about the same.

Raffia Shoes – An Overview

Raffia shoes are made from a special variety of palm tree, known as the raffia palm tree. Of all the varieties of palm trees that you can ever find, the raffia palm has the longest leaves that can grow to a maximum length of 18m. These trees are commonly found all over Africa. Morocco is one of the hubs in making raffia shoes.

The expert artisans and craftsmen of Morocco combine their traditional weaving skills with modern techniques to make beautiful and colorful raffia shoes. The best part of these raffia shoes is that they not only look stylish, but are eco-friendly as well.

Making Raffia Shoes

The long leaves of the Raffia palm tree are first torn to yield long and green fibers. The texture of these fibers is unique because it is durable and flexible at the same time. This makes it an ideal choice for weaving patterns and making raffia shoes. 

Companies that want to sell Moroccan raffia shoes approach these artisans and craftsmen with their designs, measurements and requirements. They make a sample piece based on the client’s requirements. Once the sample is approved, mass production starts in these shoe-making factories in Morocco,

To make the fibers stronger so that they don’t break in the process, the artisans use natural indigo or jojoba plant pigments for creating dyes. The fibers are processed in these dye drums to become durable colorful. The weaving work starts after this.

For the upper part of the shoes, the artisans, women in particular, plastic shoe lasts and huge-sized needles for weaving the artwork and design, as mentioned by the companies. All the artisans have a copy of an image they have to replicate; therefore, there is a lot of precision involved in this process.

Next, the production shifts to making the lower part of the shoes. The artisans specializing in leatherwork cut out leather skins and foam sheets in the required sizes for making the inner sole of the shoes. Once this is done, the artisans carefully attach the upper and lower parts by sewing them together. 

These shoes then pass through various stages of quality checks to ensure that they fit the requirements of the companies perfectly, before they are released into the market. That’s the entire process of how these beautiful raffia shoes are made from the fiber to the final product.

Benefits of Raffia Shoes

Today, there is a huge demand for Moroccan Raffia shoes, as they bring about a lot of benefits with them. When you wear these shoes, apart from looking trendy and cool, you also stand to gain these benefits:

  • One of the significant benefits of raffia shoes is that it is made in different colors and patterns. Therefore, you get a lot of options to pick from, to match your attire.

  • The patterns and designs that you see on the Moroccan Raffia shoes are hand-woven. Therefore, they are intrinsic and give a rich look to the shoes.

  • These shoes are made from high-quality and durable Raffia palm fibers, which is why they are built to last for many years. Therefore, they are designed to give you full value for your money.

  • Natural plant fibers and plant pigments are used in the process of making raffia shoes. So, if you care for the environment, raffia shoes are your pick, for sure. All of these sustainable materials lend durability and style to your overall looks.

  • Though they are essentially summer shoes, their texture and design make them excellent choices for all seasons.

  • It is made from natural fibers; therefore, it gives you a relaxing feeling. You can wear these shoes for long hours without any discomfort.


Every single raffia shoe in the market is a result of the hard work and talent of the traditional African artisans and craftsmen. Many brands have started making these raffia shoes in different colors and patterns now, thanks to their popularity. Invest in a pair right now to know the value of the handwork of these artisans.

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