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What Are Some Jobs in the Legal Profession?

There are a few professions that are always in demand in one way or another. A job is considered recession-proof when it offers an essential service that people generally need. The legal profession is one such industry that is thriving. The legal field consists of much more than what most people think. There are quite a few occupations within the legal field that require a variety of skill sets and education. Find out more about how a career in the legal profession may provide satisfaction and a comfortable salary for years to come.




The most notable position within the law field is that of an attorney. It is probably the first thing the mind conjures when thinking of the legal profession. Attorneys are needed to perform many functions. They are experts in the laws and understand how to work within them to provide services to others. They go through law school after obtaining a bachelor of art or science. In law school, attorneys study federal and state laws, ethics and various cases that all serve to form the basis of their knowledge. An attorney becomes certified in the state when they take and pass the bar exam. Lawyers provide representation in fields such as:


  • Estate planning

  • Criminal defense

  • Divorce

  • Paternity contests

  • Personal injury lawsuits

  • Boundary disputes

  • Real estate transactions

With so many subsets of attorneys, there is no doubt something that will appeal to someone looking to go that route.


Police Officer


A law career in enforcement may be more desirable to some than others. Police officers fall under the legal field. These specially trained professionals are tasked with protecting the public from those who commit crimes and break the law. Police academies train those looking to become officers. Other than a knowledge of the laws on the books, those wishing to become police officers must also perform physical tasks. A measure of physical fitness is required for all looking to uphold the law and protect the innocent. Note that some preexisting medical conditions may hinder a person's ability to pursue this type of legal career. However, the path of a law enforcement officer may lead to a prosperous and rewarding career.


Court Reporter


A person who has a knack for typing and an ear for details may want to look into becoming part of the growing court reporters Phoenix. These legal professionals are tasked with attending various legal proceedings and memorializing everything that they hear for the record. They do this through a mix of typing using special short-keyed computers and audio recordings. Court reporters are a vital part of all legal proceedings, and they are often called upon to recite something that a witness said during the proceedings. Court reporters do not only work within the confines of a courtroom, but they are also required at any hearing or deposition taken elsewhere. A court reporter must become trained and certified before joining the ranks of this profession.




If research and writing are appealing, then a career as a paralegal may be worth considering. Unlike attorneys, paralegals do not need to attend the same measure of professional schooling. They can either be trained in the office, or they may need to take a certification test through the state bar association. Paralegals perform many functions to aid attorneys in every facet of the law. Much like lawyers, paralegals also bill their time in hourly chunks. Those who pursue this legal career often find it rewarding in many ways. It requires a willingness to follow directives and work independently to accomplish the goals set by the supervising attorney. Paralegals also attend court hearings and cases to assist with notes, categorizing exhibits and tracking the events for the attorney.


Courthouse Clerk

Organization is critical to working in the recording division of any courthouse. Document recording is the process by which legal matters are memorialized within a jurisdiction. Court cases, property deeds and lawsuits all pass through the clerk of the court's recording office. The clerks who work here are responsible for ensuring that all legal documents are formatted properly and that they are given an official records book and page number for organizing within the court's file index. A clerk is also responsible for assigning case numbers to new lawsuits. Each case type takes a different path for recording. A court clerk must have the knowledge to guide the public without offering legal advice. The requirements for working in the clerk's office vary. The legal profession provides substantial opportunities for all measures of experience and interests. With so many branches to consider, there is undoubtedly a place for anyone interested in the law. Whether that is on the street protecting and serving the public or in a courtroom defending those accused, the legal profession is essential and beneficial for those who choose it as a career and those who need it.

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