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What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Garden Statues?

If you are new to home and garden decoration and designing, then you should start by knowing the basics. Basics of garden decoration include knowledge about the types of ornaments available depending on their style, material, and even period. If you have been surfing the internet to know about the different kinds of garden statues available that you can buy then you might want to keep reading this till the end. For your home garden in the UK, here are some of the best garden statues that will make your garden look from plain and bland to magical and full of depth.

Types of garden statues

Spiritual, mythological, and cultural statues

Some people prefer religious and spiritual statues for their garden over any other type because they believe in culture or religion. There are different garden statues of saints, deities, and even mythological characters and creatures for people with spiritual taste. It will make them feel more connected and devoted making their garden time quite pleasant and calming. By adding the statues of the deities and other spiritual characters you will make your garden more restful and reflective. In case of a long and hectic day, you can sit in your garden and introspect to reflect upon the good and bad taking place around you.

If you are adding statues to your garden relevant to your culture then every time you step out to your garden, you will feel connected and near your culture. if you are a resident of the UK but you belong to some other country, then putting up statues of your home country will make you feel at home even though you are miles away.

Garden statues made with different materials

Resin and cement are the two popular materials to build up garden statues. Cement statues give out a rustic look and will give you mysterious or even royal feels while resin statues will not be giving out any such special feels once it is out on your garden. Depending on your budget and taste you can even purchase garden statues made of bronze, stone, or other materials which lie on the upper end of the price scale.

Supernatural garden statues

If you are into fantasy or supernatural beings then your garden speaks for you. you can purchase statues of mystical and fiction creatures like fairies, gypsies, gnomes, and even dragons. If you are into the supernatural then statues of werewolves and vampires could also make your garden look always theme party-ready. right from mystical characters to statues from your favorite sci-fi or popular folklore, spice up your plain garden with garden statues.

If this knowledge about garden statues will help you to purchase garden statues and ornaments for your new home garden in the UK, then you can visit the website of garden ornaments. They have garden statues of every kind and other accessories that will make your garden fancy and beautiful. Choose the right garden statues for your garden!


You can get a sculpture that resembles your canine or feline. There are excellent butterflies, dragonflies and asking mantises - little ones for complements, some up to two feet in tallness. Perhaps something more intriguing offers to you, like an elephant or gator. Is a safari on your list of must-dos? There are lions and tigers and giraffes. Do you gather everything to do with Jurassic Park? Glance in the dinosaur segment. For those into the artistic scene, a raven will inspire Edgar Allan Poe.


Kids are mainstream - kids playing, working in the nursery, fishing, perusing. Grown-ups might be people from different times or societies, chronicled legends, old couples still enamored. Reproductions of antiquated Roman, Greek, French and Italian sculpture present a dash of style to the nursery.

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