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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy means a little different, it is important to understand its definition first. It is a complicated yet emotional Family building process. It is a process by which a woman gives birth to a child of an intended parent who is willing to have a child for long-time but could make it happen. It is first important to think carefully about it as it is one of the emotional process.

Doing appropriate research and concluding the advantages or disadvantages of surrogacy is very important. It does not matter whether you are a surrogate or the intended parent understanding the pros and cons of it is necessary for both parties.

Other than that, there are few agencies for Surrogacy in Florida, which efficiently help for this purpose. Thus, making this a smooth task for both parties. However, listed below are few Advantages and Disadvantages that everyone needs to know whether the intended parent or a Surrogate.

These are as follows:

Advantages of Surrogacy

Some of the advantages of surrogacy are as follows:

·             It Enables the Intended Parent to have a Biologically related Child

The greatest advantage of surrogacy is that it enables the intended parent to have their child that is genetically related to them. As compared to adopting a child the majority of the people nowadays choose surrogacy. As it helps in giving birth to their own biological child.

Surrogacy is a great opportunity for the intended parent who are struggling for a child. They can have their own biological child which they can raise up from the time of birth.

·             Surrogacy makes the Intended Parent raise their Child from Birth

It is a great way to raise your child from the time of birth. Surrogacy is the only process, which provides this opportunity to the intended parent. As compared to adopting, it is the most convenient way of having your child.

Although it will be your own genetic child, but at the same time it provides you an opportunity to stay connected with your child. You can get a chance to involve in each step of growth and nourishment of your child.  Thus, it is a perfect way for an intended parent to have their child.

·             Surrogacy is Faster than Adopting a Child

Adopting a child requires a lot of time and it is a really long process, which involves several court orders and other paperwork. As compared to this majority of the people simply prefer surrogacy as they think it is a quicker way and does not need any complicated paperwork. Thus, surrogacy proves to be beneficial for the intended parent.

·             A Healthy Relationship between Intended parent and Surrogate

It provides a healthy relation between the intended parent and the surrogate. Unlike in adopting where you adopt a child and you have no contact with the parents of the child. Although surrogacy is an emotional process but it keeps you in contact with the surrogate woman.

Disadvantages of Surrogacy

·             It is an Expensive Process

Surrogacy is a process more expensive then anyone can think of it. It can cost you a lot more than your expectations. It proves to be a major disadvantage of preferring this process. It becomes a reason, why people do not prefer it, because many people cannot afford.

·             Surrogacy a Complex Process

It may prove to be a complex process as it requires to find the right person. As well as the parents also need to make a firm decision to make their selves prepare for it. It is also a physical process and contains a lot of emotions.

Thus, it is quite a complicated process for both the partners of an intended couple. Therefore, a lot of thinking and emotional stability is required for this process.

·             It is Emotionally Challenging

Surrogacy is one of the complicated yet an emotional family-building process. It involves the emotions of both the surrogate woman and the intended parent. Surrogacy is a genetically physical process, which makes it an emotional process for a partner.

It might also make one of the partners to lose control, which is one of the major issues in surrogacy. It can take it to a highly emotional level. Also, might be emotionally challenging for the intended parents.


Surrogacy is a little different family-building process. In this process, a surrogate woman changes the life of an intended couple who wish to have a child for a long time. The child is genetically related to the parents, which makes it a plus point of surrogacy. However, it is necessary to consider the major advantages and disadvantages involved in his process.

Keeping in mind such factors will help both the surrogate woman and the intended couple to have a healthier and happier relationship with the baby.

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