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What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining Vs Manual Machining?

CNC machining, also known as computer numerical control, has developed as a more efficient and speedier manufacturing approach. This approach involves removing layers of material from a workpiece using software-controlled milling, turning, or EDM tools. Manual machining should be done by hand and by skilled or highly educated machinists. The benefits of CNC machining appear to be limitless when comparing CNC machining to manual machining.

Some firms, however, use manual machining machines to create prototyping pieces. Manual machining, in particular, has a key place in the industry, particularly for low-volume quick prototypes.

A well-chosen set of manufacturing procedures results in a successful project. If you’re trying to decide which process to use for your company, you can, however, choose the best and most unique CNC milling service.

Here’s a full comparison of CNC machining VS manual machining to help you make the right decision for your bespoke prototypes and end-use production parts.


CNC and Manual Machining Principles

Comparing CNC VS manual machining might begin with understanding how they work.

Principles of CNC Machining

CNC machining requires digital files containing cutting and tooling instructions. As a result, the CNC machine method causes the use of a variety of tools to make machined parts, and engineers and machinists create digital tool libraries to interface with CNC machines.

These devices may be operated automatically using digital instructions, and the design process begins with CAD software (computer-aided design). The software’s 3D model determines the final part’s required qualities and dimensions.

Because several of these software products include CAD-CAM packages, production can continue in the same programs. If both CAD and CAM applications make the same product family, no file translation is required. Otherwise, the CAD file must be imported.


Principles of Manual Machining

Hand controls are used to operate traditional machinery such as bandsaws, drill presses, grinders, end mills, and lathes. Machinists can use these manual machines to manufacture a variety of prototyping objects for a variety of reasons. Manual machining requires more time and attention to complete any function than CNC machining controlled by automation or a computer.

What are The Advantages of CNC Machining over Manual Machining?

You may also compare and contrast manual machining and CNC machining by learning about the benefits of each.


The Benefits of CNC Machining

The following are some of the primary advantages of CNC machining services:

1.   Flexibility and consistency

CNC machining is notable for its versatility and precision. CNC machining is used in a variety of sectors to produce parts and components because of its exact part fabrication, lucrative output, efficiency, and uniform cuts. CNC machines and technologies can create a wide range of bespoke metals. CNC machining is used for material cutting and large-scale part manufacture. A qualified engineer can easily operate many CNC machines.

2.   Dependability and efficiency

CNC machining is computer-controlled, and there is no room for human error. CNC machining is more dependable and faster than manual machining because of computer operation. In short, CNC machining is more exact and takes less time to produce.

3.   Requires less human labour and has a minimal maintenance demand

For the manufacturing process, CNC machines do not require a big number of experienced operators. One qualified machinist can only carry out the production tasks. And, despite running all day, CNC machines require less maintenance and care than manual ones. They only need to be serviced occasionally.

4.   Design consistency and safety

One benefit of CNC is that it can produce the same design repeatedly because the dimensions and programming for some components are the same. As a result, it is a strategy for improving profits while reducing efforts and rates. CNC machines are safe to use. Operators are separated from machines and have no physical ties to CNC machining.


The Benefits of Manual Machining

Although CNC machining offers an innovative facility for producing precision machining parts, manual machining has value. Here are some advantages of manual machining.

1.   Less expensive for small-scale manufacture

Manual machining can make plastic and metal pieces with the same results. It is less expensive for small-scale production initiatives and low-budget businesses.

2.   Excellent choice for metal shapes

Manual machines cause additional tools and take longer to complete the manufacturing process. As a result, you can use this method for modest operations and part fabrication. For simple metal shapes, the conventional/manual machining process is preferred since it is less expensive than other methods.


What is the price difference between CNC and manual machining?

This section will show the cost differences between CNC and manual machining. The major cost differences are:

1.   Less expensive overall than manual machining

Many elements, such as scrap rate, labour cost, maintenance charges, and total part production, would influence the cost of the machining process. After doing a thorough comparison of CNC Vs manual machining, you may discover that the overall cost of CNC machining is less than that of manual milling.

2.   Low scrap and maintenance concerns

The CNC machining technique is more precise, with a lower scrape rate per output than manual machining. Manual machining has higher labour costs and maintenance requirements, making it more expensive and limiting.

3.   Increased industry demand

The manual machining waste rate, labour expense, and increased maintenance make this process expensive. CNC machining parts are in high demand all around the world because of their high precision and low scrap rates.

CNC Machining Applications

CNC machining is widely used in the following industries:

1.   Electronics for Consumers

CNC machining is frequently used by electronics manufacturers to create housings, fixtures, PCBs, and jigs for the electronics industry. Mobile phones and microphones are the most well-known markets.

2.   The Automobile Industry

CNC machines are used in the automotive sector for one-of-a-kind custom parts and prototypes. They make gearboxes, axles, valves, and cylindrical blocks out of extruded metal and plastic parts, as well as gas gauges and dashboard panels. This procedure has no minimum part quantity requirement.

3.   The Oil and Gas Industry

CNC milling machines are used in the oil and gas industry to make rods, pins, and pistons. CNC machining is the greatest way to create tight tolerance and precision machining parts in this business.

4.   Healthcare Industry

Parts quality, complicated surfaces, and great precision are all required in the medical business. As a result, CNC machining is the optimum method for the medical business. In the medical business, complex medical equipment such as X-ray monitors, surgical instruments, and MPI scanners are required.


Final Words

The comparison is simply between CNC machining and manual machining. It is unrealistic to expect hand milling to produce the same results as CNC machining. Accurate, precise, and safe CNC machining controlled by CAD and CAM software achieves efficiency and high production at a lower cost, and, most significantly, provides more safety than hand milling. CNC milling is the gold standard and is ideal for high-volume operations that require consistency.

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