Monday, October 2, 2023
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What are the advantages of PCD dies?

The cables and wires industry witnesses large volumes of business as there are extensive applications of wire products across various sectors.

One of the vital requirements for many of the wire manufacturing companies is the wire drawing dies to make the precise type of wires with the right diameter and cross-section.

There are numerous categories and types of wire drawing dies that are available in the market and that cater to the varying requirements of the clients.

Some of the prominent types of wire drawing dies that are used in the industries includes welding dies, Nano dies, Enamelling dies, diamond drawing dies, SCD dies, PCD dies, and the shaped wire dies amongst others. 

The different wire drawing dies have their own specs, characteristics, properties, and features. So before you buy these wire drawing dies, it is logical to check out the different types of dies available in the market and see what suits you the best.

If you want to browse the wire drawing dies then you can find numerous manufacturers and companies that produce highly reliable and top quality wire drawing dies.

Amongst the different names, the S&Z Wire Co. Ltd. is one of the most trusted brands for wire drawing dies plus wire die polishing machines in the market. 

The company has an extensive range of wire drawing dies listed on its website and these are some of the most efficient and finest dies available in the market.

You can filter through the different categories and check out the numerous listings on

When you visit the product page you can find all the details regarding that specific wire drawing die such as specs and properties.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these wire drawing dies then you can contact the customer representatives of the company to find out more details on that specific product.

The benefits of PCD dies

Amongst the different types of dies, the PCD wire drawing dies are one of the widely used dies in the market due to a number of reasons.

There are various advantages of using the PCD dies in your wire and cable making process. Let us have a look at some of these benefits in more detail. 

The PCD dies are used for a wide range of wire drawing processes that includes all types of dry and wet wires. The PCD dies are specially helpful in cases where there is high wear and where the surface finishing is not very crucial.

Besides this the PCD dies have the longest life of any of the die material available in the market. The PCD dies also provide highest manufacturing efficiency with considerably less downtime.

These dies are available in various die range of large sized wire to ultra fine sized wires. These dies provide predictable surface finishing on the wires and they are perfect for the vastly abrasive materials of wire.

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