What Are the Benefits of a Home Security System?


A home security system provides protection to your property and your loved ones. Besides, it gives peace of mind which is of utmost importance. Though property crime has dipped more than 6% as per the FBI, it's still a natural inclination to protect whom we love and what we love, irrespective of what statistics reveal. Today’s home security systems act as a center for home automation systems, adding energy savings and convenience, which makes their cost more alluring.

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Here's a look at the top five advantages of a home security system:

Provides Protection
Firstly, home security system protects your property and your loved ones inside the home from home intrusion, fire, burglary and other environmental disasters such as bursting of pipes. Home security system takes care of the problem whether you're unaware of the problem or aware of the problem, and it can also be beneficial in a medical emergency. Though a security system is a remarkable expense, the cost of a burglary on an average is $2,400 per victim, not to bring up the psychological impact it has.

Prevents Burglary
Obvious indications of an alarm system, such as cameras outdoors for video surveillance, yard signs and stickers are excessively useful to deter a burglar, whose crime is often taking the benefit of the opportunity. As per a UNC Charlotte study almost sixty percent of burglars planned in advance the break-in and this planning was done less than 24 hours prior to attempting it. Additionally, 83% observed for signs of an alarm , and more than half stated they would not do the burglary if they saw any sign of an alarm.


Gives Peace Of Mind
With the installation of a home security system , you can attain some peace of mind knowing well that your home is absolutely protected whether you're sleeping soundly or are away. With wireless security systems attached to the internet, you can also examine in on your system from anyplace in the entire world.

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Provides Convenience
Home security systems now a days feature home automation abilities offering convenience, which helps explain the extra cost of a security system. Thermostats and Internet-connected lights paired with a security system can  save energy while garage door openers and smart door locks give you a secure way to let family and friends into your home.

Reduces Home Insurance Premiums
Many insurance companies offer homeowners a premium discount of 10% to 20% if you get security system installed at home. The higher discounts are mostly for systems including environmental monitoring for detecting smoke, fire, and water damage, in addition to monitoring intrusion. While this does not cover the cost of the monitoring system, but it helps in making it affordable in the long run. Additionally, if you possess cameras for video surveillance, video footage can be beneficial while filing insurance claims.

Protects Valuables

The alarm system deters an intruder. After the alarm sounds, the police is immediately dispatched and notified so your home can be kept safe and the loved ones as well as precious valuables can be protected at all costs.

Gives Remotely Controlled Surveillance

Remotely controlled surveillance helps you to watch your home any time of the day from anywhere. You can see the live feed through an app from the wireless security cameras on your smart phone. It even has the feature of alerting you when people enter or leave your home – an excellent way to keep an eye on the elders and kids whether you’re at work or on vacation. Enormous wireless security system with a smart phone app is a convenient way to keep tabs on family and pets. For example, the door sensors which can alert you when someone is entering the house can also alert you when your child gets back home from the school or alerts you when your sick mother gets up from the bed.

Family safety and Home protection are the major purposes of a home security system. While this includes finding burglary, a security system also identifies other threats too, including fire, smoke, water damage and carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether you pay for professional monitoring or self-monitor, you are aware whether there’s danger at home or not. Home protection is something that should not be neglected, especially when home security is so affordable. A security alarm system can help protect your home by warning you and authorities of an intruder while you’re away or while you are at home. So keep your loved ones and your precious home protected!!  

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