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What Are the Benefits of Biophilic Design?

Humans are part of nature. Living and working in concrete buildings have become so common that we never get a chance to interact with nature. Spending time with nature heals our mind and body. It not only feels good to be with nature but it also gives interesting views. A lot of people want a biophilic design considering its multiple benefits. To get something interesting, unique and attractive, you shall look for a biophilic design with Beulah International. Let us now discuss some of the major benefits of biophilic design that will insist you go for the same.

1.  Good For Mind & Body:

When people are in a trouble or want a break from their routine, they often visit areas with a lot of trees and plants. This makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. When several plants and climbers are brought into a structure, it will help to heal your mind. You will remain happy and there will be fewer chances of being in a bad mood. Biophilic design is also beneficial for your body. Inhaling fresh air will keep you fit and refreshed. This is a lot better than sitting in an air-conditioned room.

2.  Environmental Friendly Design:

We, humans, are exploiting nature for a long time. Demand and rise in population are some of the major reasons to cut down forests and use the same land for infrastructure. If we have destroyed nature to build something for ourselves, it becomes our responsibility to recover the loss. Biophilic design tends to grow more plants on different surfaces of a structure. This move will help to improve the air quality and recover the trees that were cut down to build that particular structure. Flowers and plants will also attract beautiful insects and butterflies to your office or house.

3.  Provides Good Views:

Everywhere we go, all we see is tall buildings and artificial decorative items. They are just for the sake of keeping there. These decorative items hardly make our eyes calm. On the other hand, growing some beautiful plants at the place you live or work will create some amazing views. It will be refreshing to take periodic breaks from the work and see the plants growing. Watching different kinds of plants can make you feel relaxed and will eliminate your stress. These kinds of views will make you fall in love with that place!

4.  Increases Creativity:

Do you want your company to get an office built? To avail of maximum benefits and to get the most out of the structure, you shall go for a biophilic design. Working in such a beautiful environment with your clients will enhance their creativity. Research has proven that working with nature can keep the employees happy and enhances their creativity. Once you start working in a building that has a biophilic design, you will observe an increase in productivity and overall results. Your employees and all the workers will feel satisfied working in an office that has a biophilic design!

5.  Attracts Customers:

Presently, not many buildings follow the biophilic design. If you get a biophilic design, the building itself will advertise for your company. Since it is a unique building, more people in the town will notice the same. This will help you for brand recognition and thus more customers for your business. This is also true for a hotel. If help is biophilic, it is made on a unique and exclusive concept. As a result, more people will wish to experience a stay there. A biophilic design is one of the best options to stand out in a highly competitive market.

6.  Saves Energy:

Do you spend a lot of money on monthly electricity bills? This can be cut down if you opt for a biophilic design. Plants and other natural stuff are designed to grow in such a way that it attracts more natural light and wind into the space. If there will be more natural light, you will be required to consume lesser energy on cooling gadgets. There are also spaces in an office that gets heated up due to direct sunlight. Designing that space and growing plants over there will cut off direct sunlight and will make the space cool and comfortable.

7.  Use of Natural Textures & Colours:

We spend a lot of time, effort and money in selecting appropriate colours and textures for a space. The artificial and boring look of a space is all that you get. However, with a biophilic design, you are offered natural textures and colours on a wall surface. This looks appealing and unique! This will neither require much maintenance nor you will have to invest a lot to make it appealing. The space will look cheerful and calm when sunlight falls on the natural colours and textures of the space.

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