Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agency?

The Real Estate Agent is a licensed professional:

This means, for your peace of mind, that the performance of your work must be done within the legal framework of the department that governs the professions. Otherwise, it puts your license at risk.

  1. It is a facilitator able to deal with all the parts of the process, as well as the required documentation and ensure that the contract times are met. In addition, you are not interested in whether you buy in a private home or in a specific project, but in the one that best suits your needs and makes you happier, or represents a good investment opportunity.
  2. He is a negotiator who knows the medium and works for the benefit of his client, trying to obtain and negotiate the greatest qualitative and quantitative advantages within the transaction. Your interest is to achieve the satisfaction of your client through a successful transaction that meets your expectations.
  3. Has specialized technical knowledge to obtain comparable prices on similar properties, as well as many details related to properties and market behaviour?
  4. It has access to the specialized professional portals where all the properties for sale (Multiple Listing Services) are published and to which all licensed professionals members of the Realtors Association have access, which also implies that they can announce the sale of a property. .
  5. He is a promoter. At the time of selling your house, in addition to announcing it in the centralized portal, it develops a marketing management in other media and through other colleague’s agents, ensures that your client gets the best price right for your home, interviewing possible buyers and will filter and coordinate visits only with those interested that are pre-qualified for the purchase. Avoiding the visits of curious or people who do not have the ability to purchase saving time and wear.
  6. He is a diligent representative. When it comes to helping you buy your house, you will search for the properties that meet the characteristics you need, at the price you are able to pay, make appointments, and keep you informed of new properties that come out market with similar characteristics. And the best part is that the commission is paid by the seller, since he is most interested in selling the property.

A large percentage of new agents go out of business within a year or two when they realize that big and easy money does not exist. They fought and worked long and hard and took very few commissions home. The cost of transporting the buyers in their cars was more than they expected, and they really learned to hate working with buyers.

Starting part-time can be a bit more challenging in terms of marketing, business and meeting customer schedules, but it helps some agents stay in business until the commissions start to flow. It's not fun when you work hard. Do not bring the dollars, but it's worth staying if possible. Cecil D. Frank is a real estate agent with experience working in the Toronto real estate market, and you can consult with Cecil Darren Frank on your next deal.

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