What are the Benefits of HR Certification


“What’s my career hierarchy?” is one of the most common questions asked when switching jobs. Building employee experience is the next competitive frontier for companies, says a recent study. With technology and innovation on the rise, the HR field experiences a new level of convenience making organizations agile and adaptable.

Today, the human resources have altogether a prime seat at leadership table with traditional HR job roles transforming into leadership roles. The leadership role significantly influences strategic planning and implementation to set the organizations business goals.

According to PayScale, it is said that near about 34.2% of all the HR professionals had at least one HR certification. As a result, individuals with HR professional certification are said to receive promotions and grown in their career progressively. Certifications play a vital role for people looking to break into the HR industry. It is one of the proven ways of letting employers know that you’re growing in your industry.

You might already have an HR job, but is it sufficient enough to land you a promotion. The process keeps changing every now and then, and without proper streamline it gets challenging. It is vital that one manages their own career progression as the job market changes progressively. Previously, HR related jobs used to be more transactional but now it is more towards strategy focus.

But I guess that’s just the tip of an iceberg.


HR professional certification is beneficial both for the employers and the employees in the human resources field. For every organization out there today, an HR certification demonstrates the employee dedication towards the HR. This shows that the candidate has the latest skills, assures an employer that the candidate has the recent and latest knowledge and also provides better job opportunities. In the U.S. a professional certification is becoming valuable to organizations. This is an added advantage to the employees demonstrating commitment and understanding of the human resources.

HR certification is highly valued by most of the organizations these days. As the concept of an HR profession is based and judged on the traditional transactional responsibilities, today, it is more than just a transactional job as it moves towards being strategic, and HR professional certification is now viewed as an important opportunity for workers and professionals to upskill.

In the U.S. a professional certification is considered a requirement since it is considered as a stairway towards the pinnacle of success. 96% of them believed that it was important and 58% believed it to be highly important and valuable.

By far, the best HR certification can be acquired from some of the top resources such as HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). However, if your aim is to move beyond HR and move into leadership roles then taking up a certification in talent management can be an ideal choice. The recommended resources for leadership roles are Talent Management Institute (TMI) and Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

The future for human resources professionals looks bright, however, certification is mandatory. Most importantly, certification will become more valuable as the job market gets competitive with every passing day.