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What Are The Benefits Of Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia is a metal that belongs in the titanium family and is mined around the world. It can be found in dinnerware and electrical fixtures among various other products. The metal is known for its durability which makes it an ideal product for dental usage, that is, use in dental crowns, specifically posterior crowns that require a lot of strength to chew and grind food.If you're thinking about getting dental crowns, you can get your dental needs sorted with the Dentist in North Eastham.

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Zirconia is classified into two, the first being solid and the second being high translucent. Both these types can be made using CAD - Computer Aided Designing and CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing technology.

Making the zirconia crowns with the help of these technologies give a perfect fit and an unmatchable look. Look up Dental hospital near me that will provide you with this treatment for an affordable price.

Classifications Of Zirconia Crowns:

Solid Zirconia Crowns:

These crowns are more robust and stronger when compared with high translucent zirconia. The crown can withstand or uphold chewing forces as well as bruxism forces much better the other type.  This type of zirconia suits teeth that have undergone root canal treatment as they offer stronger support or give strength to weak teeth. Solid zirconia crown are opaque and hence, is better suited for posterior or back teeth.

High Translucent Zirconia Crowns:

This type of zirconia gives a superior look that exactly resembles the natural teeth. Unline solid zirconia, these type of crowns are more suitable for anterior or front teeth. Although superior in looks, high translucent zirconia crowns' strength is higher than PFM or Porcelain Fused to Metal bridges. However, this type is not recommended for a person who requires extensive orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of their teeth.

How Are Zirconia Crowns Different From Other Types?

There are several benefits of choosing zirconia crowns if you are looking to get a crown for your teeth.

Aesthetic Appearance:

Zirconium crowns give a natural look to the crowns, and it is not easy to tell them apart when worn on the teeth. In other words, it is difficult to differentiate between the crowns from the natural teeth.  

Hence, it is usually preferred for dental as well as cosmetic. Bonding the zirconium crowns to the teeth provides a more natural look to the teeth. This is because using metal-based crowns tends to blacken the line of the gum.


The tissues in the mouth well accept these crowns and start functioning exceptionally well within a few days of fitting them.

Long Life:

Zirconium crowns, along with providing the best service to teeth, also have a life span that almost matches with that of regular crowns, provided, they are maintained well.


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They are very strong, and patients can experience their strength while undergoing treatment.

Corrosion Resistant:

unlike other dental crowns, zirconia crowns do not undergo corrosion as they are resistant to it. Hence, it adds years to the metal’s equipment’s life.

Less Labor Intensive:

The process of fitting these crowns is less laborious when compared to the others. They can be fit while preserving the natural teeth hence saves a significant amount of time. Also, the dentist does not have to make a lot of preparations; in other words, minimum preparation is required.

Cost Effective:

Zirconia crowns, over the long term, are less costly when compared to other crowns. Check out the zirconia crown cost in Hyderabad.

Latest Technology:

The crowns are made using some of the latest technologies - CAD and CAM, that produce precise, excellent and satisfactory results.

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