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What are the best cheap gaming laptops?

The best gaming laptops are in more demand nowadays. They seem like the kind of gaming ability that only desktop gamers can dream of with modern processors and graphics cards to take advantage of. In this era, gaming has become a part of our lives. People of all ages are taking equal interest in this craze. That is why there is a need to have a gaming laptop that is best for gaming, but budget is a problem.  Even before buying a little thing, you have to review your budget demands, and the same is the case here. As everyone cannot afford those extraordinary and expensive gaming laptops, we consider the best gaming laptops under 300 that meet your budget and demands. These gaming laptops would surely be able to fulfill your gaming needs.

Buyers guide 

To purchase a high-quality laptop at a high price is not as difficult as buying a cheap gaming laptop. For a general laptop, you don't need to pay much heed to buy a gaming laptop. Because you have to consider many factors such as graphics card, high-quality ram, long time battery life, you will prefer to buy a laptop with all these qualities. So here we are, giving you a buyer guide that will help you to select the best gaming laptop at cheap prices. It is not necessary to find a good laptop at a high price. You can also get a wonderful laptop at a low rate when you follow a preferable buyer's guide.


The keyboard plays a hearty role in gaming life. It is because you have to run your hands at the keyboard for a long time. It should be soft to provide you with comfort. A lot of laptops have parted with comfortable keyboards, even some of them are backlit keyboards. If you go to a laptop shop, you would see many laptops, also available at low pricing. Maybe you can select the one looking pretty and quite slim. The comfort zone for every person also varies. So what you need to do is type some words or move your fingers in such a way you are playing, then go for the one that suits your demand of comfort.

Battery life

Think about that you are playing a game, and your laptop suddenly lockdown due to a battery issue. Sounds pretty?   So, to avoid this problem, check battery life first.  Gaming lasts for hours, so this issue needs to get out. That's why, when you are going to buy a gaming laptop, assure its battery life, for how many hours it can last. Surely, it will help you to get the best gaming laptop.

Graphics card

We all know that without a graphics card, you can't run your game. If the graphics card is of low quality, then it might cause some problems. Either your game can't work or work with slow speed. That's why gaming laptops should have high-quality graphics cards. The best gaming laptop will make your cheap gaming laptop worth playing.

The best cheap gaming laptops

  1. Asus Chromebook C202

This laptop has a Fitted structure with improved latex guards, easy-grip handles, and a humerus keyboard ready for falling and splashing. It is best due to its Lightweight 2.65 pounds and sturdy structure, which can be lowered to anywhere from 3.9 feet without interruption. It has an Anti-illumination panel with 180° hinges for easy view. This device can be Driven too fast and snappy quality by the Intel Celeron N3060 Cached (2M cache up to 2,48 GHz). 

  • 16GB storage

  • 4GB memory

  • 4GB DDR3 RAM

  • 11.6 inches full HD display

Chromebook works with OS X — a Google-built version of windows. Along with a Google Play store, most of your favourite games and software. Chromebooks have built-in memory for offline access with your most critical files and an extra 100 Google Drive space to make sure all of your files are backed auto-backed up. It includes a large library of applications, games, music, videos, TVs.

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  1. Lenovo Chromebook Duet, 2-in-1

With 5 points pogo pin and a magnet design, this supercarrier Chromebook 2-in-1 features a fast and stable plug-and-play removable keyboard. It increases your ease of playing, and you can take it with you everywhere. The Chromebook Duet provides a slim and lightweight life of up to 10 hours. The unusual double design with Aluminum alloy on the tablet is a sleek and competitive stand model with elegant texture. Rapid and secure to use: This Chromebook touchscreen boots fast with your Google login to allow you to open all your cloud-based email records and more. However, it is the best capable gaming laptop that helps you to enjoy your gaming experience.


  • 4GB memory

  •  (1920 x 1200) IPS DISPLAY 

  • 64GB flash memory size

  1. HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop

You can Take this great gaming laptop anywhere with you, this lightweight, robust HP laptop. It goes well and has a long life so that you can remain linked without searching for an outlet. It is Built FOR WHY YOU DO. You can switch between the games, the relationships, and the work you do. The strong mobile MediaTek Processor, full-size keyboard, and 11-inch monitor are suitable for all. Enjoy seamless convenience, all built into one laptop, with Google Chrome and Android apps; It is fast, straightforward, and safe. Don't compromise battery life graphics anymore. The optimized graphics card MediaTek has an octa-core CPU and GPU processors will run smooth your game.

  • 4GB memory

  • 16 hours battery timing

  • Wi-fi 5 WLAN adapter


Nowadays, the cheapest gaming laptops are currently in greater demand. The best thing about a laptop is the small chassis, decent keys, and battery life. Laptop manufacturers search for every opportunity and reduce costs at low prices. After certain modifications, Laptops with $300 are also as reliable or satisfactory as laptops with a higher cost. So now, buying a cheap gaming laptop has become possible, and surely that will be best for you to fulfill your demands and budget.

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