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What are the best places to hike in Europe?

There is no better time for hiking than spring, and there is no better place to hike than Europe. The countries and places of Europe are equally beautiful throughout the year but these are especially green and breath taking during spring, and if you want to go for hiking, European locations are the best to go during spring.

The best thing about hiking in Europe is they have a complete range of trails to follow, security for hikers and natural sceneries all over the place. That is why whenever hiking comes to the mind, Europe comes along with it.

Europe doesn’t only have a good and complete atmosphere for hiking, but the beautiful places are best and suitable for professional and beginner hikers and trekkers. Therefore if you want to know the best places to hike in Europe, here is the list:

1.    Camino de Santiago, France, and Spain:

For those who are looking for walking and hiking, the Camino de Santiago trails are the best pick from Europe. It consists of the routes of various former pilgrimages which connect them to the tomb of St. James or Santo Santiago who is one of Europe’s most popular saints. Among this trail, there is one of the most popular sections of the trails which are also known as the Camino Frances. It is a slice that begins from the Biarritz, France and ends up at the tomb of Santiago de Compostela which is the capital of Glacia, Spain’s northwestern community.

It is a famous saying which states that you can start you’re hiking from any place you like and pick up the route from wherever you wish, but you will end up at the tomb at the very end. Also sometimes the long stretch of Camino Frances can get crowded as it is the favorite European spot for hiking for people all over the world and since it is mostly flat, people love to walk on it.

2.    Walk of the Gods, Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you are looking for short time hiking than head towards the Amalfi coast where you can dedicate some of your time for nature while walking on the Sentiero Degli Dei or also famous as the Walk of the Gods. This is a famous walkway which has a running and walking trails along with cliffs and turquoise water below. Most of the people go for the section which connects the villages of Nocelle and Bomerano, but if you are going east to west, you will get the best views and sun will remain behind you in the daytime and morning. This track is not only a dream destination for beautiful pictures but also ideal for nature’s lover where you will see water, blooming wildflowers and stone houses along with the path.

3.    GR92, Costa Brava, Spain:

It is also famous as Camino de Ronda and Costa Brava way; a long 136-mile trail can be hiked in one day and can be cut down into two if you are looking for multiple day adventure. This is starting from the French border, Portable to Valencia, Spain’s place Ulldecona. This Mediterranean route consists of beautiful terrain which switches from flat patches to mountainous sections along with unobstructed views of sceneries and sea. Not only this hiking place has the city and villages nearby but also ideal for novice hiker who wants to explore the nature’s beauty.

4.    Gorges du Verdon, Provence, France:

This place is also famous as the “Grand Canyon of Europe” where you can experience more jaw-dropping scenic spots beautiful place. It is a great combination of Provence region along wills turquoise green river flowing across the Verdon. For those who are looking for a challenging hiking experience, they can back up their bags and get started. Also, some longer routes are much easier than the natural trails.

5.    Lycian Way, Turkey:

This place is one of the first long-distance trails for hiking in Turkey, and it is not only full of beautiful Mediterranean coastal views but also have breathtaking nature, and you will love the adventure. It has lots of sections including proximity to villagers and flats where you can indulge yourself in steeper climbs and remote sections which will take you to open wide areas. Also, you can also plan to visit in guesthouses than to make your camp which saves lots of time. This trail will lead you to the town along with the countryside where you can experience the ancient ages of Roman, Byzantine rule and the Greek empire.


6.    Alsace Wine Route, Alsace region, France:

There is a lot to love about the route des vins especially when you wish to look at the most beautiful countryside of France. It allows you to follow more than 100 villages and you can even stay at the guest houses and B&BS where the wines are made. This place is full of natural beauty and long trails which makes your hiking memorable and if you want to explore the countryside if France, this is the best place to be!

7.    Pedroches Valley, Cordoba province, Spain

If you are searching best hiking place in Spain, this is one of the best places to be. It is a remote part of Andalusia, located in Los Pedroches and one of the most rural routes in the list. Along with it, you will see beautiful sceneries of nature and architectural cues from Extremadura and Castile.

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