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What are the best punching bags?

The excellent way to train yourself for powerful kicks and punches is only with the help of a punching bag. A high-quality punching bag helps you practice and train you to become a professional boxer. Thus, you need to buy a perfect and high-quality punching bag to serve you now and in the future. A good quality punching bag must be affordable and of  high-quality build.

For this purpose, listed below are couple of the excellent punching bags that contain all the qualities that a heavy bag must have in order to be perfect. The excellent punching bags to become a master in boxing are as follows:

RDX Punching Bag

On top of the list comes the RDX Punching bag, which is also suitable for beginners. The RDX bag comes with a complete set that includes fittings, brackets, chains as well as skipping ropes and gloves. All the equipment that comes with this heavy bag makes it a perfect choice for beginners and pros alike.

It is a excellent package that comes in an affordable range that serves as all-in-one services. Another excellent part about this amazing heavy bag is that it is waterproof and made up of high-quality leather. The two prominent features make it excellent for training and practice.

Outslayer Heavy Punching Bag

Another excellent punching bag that made our list is the Outslayer Heavy bag. Its durability makes it perfect for training. The Outslayer punching bag offers smooth punching and kicks to the users as it maintains an equilibrium in kicking or punching. In other words, it does not offer a hard or soft punching experience. The bag is 14 inches in diameter and 55 inches tall in length. Thus, the high durability and strong build-up make it a perfect punching bag for boxers and other martial artists.

Everlast Heavy Bag

The Everlast heavy bag is another excellent punching bag that also comes with a complete set. The kit contains a heavy bag, chains and a pair of gloves for punching. The standard weight of 100 pounds makes this bag more durable. The reason why the ever-last punching bag is more durable is because it offers a strong shock absorbency.

The Everlast heavy bag is a mixture of both synthetic and natural fiber, which make it perfect for punching and absorbing force of high power kicks. Another important factor that makes this bag excellent is the price range. As this bag offers excellent quality at the same time the price for this punching bag is also extremely affordable. 

Title Leather Heavy Bag

Next on the title’s leather heavy/punching bag, which is famous for its high-quality leather and durability. The title’s punching bag is made up of high-quality cowhide leather that offers longevity and greater use. Besides the excellent quality, it also offers a variety of choices in size for the users.

It offers mainly three different types of choices to the users that is 70lbs, 100lbs, and 150lbs. Thus, depending on the requirement or the training one can choose the desired punching bag. The quality of material and variety in size and weight make this punching bag a excellent choice for boxers.

Combat Sports Thai Bag

The Combat Thai punching bag is another excellent bag due to its compatibility and durability. Besides the durability and strong build-up, this bag proves to be ideal in size. It's about 65 inches, which makes it perfect for practicing high kicks and push kicks. the outer layer of this Thai punching bag is made of pure and genuine Cow and buffalo leather, which makes it simply perfect and long-lasting punching bag.

The only issue with this bag is that it comes unfilled and getting the filling material as well as the filling procedure is time-consuming. Other than that, it offers excellent durability and high resilience against kicks and punches. Such a few prominent reasons make it a user’s favorite pick and make it the excellent punching bag.

Ringside Powerhide Muay Heavy Bag

Last but not the least, comes another excellent punching bag in the same size range. That is 66 inches, which is an ideal size for practicing any type of punching and kicks. The Powerhide Muay thai bag also stands in the range of excellent punching bags due to its excellent build-up and higher strength against the punching or kicks. The height of the Powerhide bag makes it ideal for training. Thus, it also proves to be a excellent punching bag - the first choice for muay thai boxers.


Becoming a professional boxer requires a lot of practice and training. There is not a single way to train yourself other than that of self-training and practice day out and day in!  For this purpose, you need to have a punching bag that fulfills all the requirements and prove to be ideal for training, in the long run. Thus, described above are a few of the excellent punching bags that a boxer can order and utilize in order to become a professional boxer.

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