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What are the best shoes for the operating room?

The operating rooms are indeed the most stressful and complex working environments. Doctors and surgeons are competing with themselves and time to deliver the right results and save the patients' lives.

However, we soon enough see them getting tired wearing the wrong type of shoes. If you want to have the most adequate surgeon shoes then you need to read this short review.

People from all around the world have determined that the standing position creates multiple issues. Surgeon shoes can limit the exposure of their feet to the adverse powers of the ground. It can help to reduce the pain and make them think more of their work rather than their tiredness.

What to wear in operating room

In the operating room you need to wear light clothes that are not going to make you sweat. Keep in mind that all modern operating rooms are having a stable temperature that is close to 25 degrees Celcius. This happens because they need to deal with the rapid loss of heat that the opened bodies of patients are having.

Then you need to wear the clothes that are going to be fashionable and which you can wear anywhere. Not only you will be the surgeon you were always dreaming about, but you will also fascinate the public. Make sure you don't wear ornaments or other jewelry since the devices in the operating room need you to have no metallic parts on your body.

What type of shoes do surgeons wear?

Now that we have analyzed the type of clothes that surgeons are supposed to wear it is time we went to the shoes part. The surgeon shoes are the most vulnerable part of their apperance.

They need to be comfortable and stylish the same time. Most of the surgeons are opting for sandals which have great coverage of the top parts of their feet. The absence of the back part improves the breathability of their feet giving them a sense of comfort throughout the surgery. The same as with other personnels inside the operating room such as the Anaeshtesiologists, Scrub Tech, Circulating Tech and of course, Nurses. For the latest review on the 10 Best Nurse Shoes, just visit

Not to mention, that their shoes are supposed to have the best possible outsoles. This happens because the outsoles are made from rubber lugs that increase the friction to the ground. It can give them greater stability over slippery terrains that are a normality in operating rooms.

Finally, the surgeon's shoes should have a greater forefoot area where their toe fingers rest. This area keeps on being unique and gives you more stability compared to other types of shoes.

Feature of good shoes for surgeons

Good shoes for surgeons are always having special features. First, there is a greater waterproof ability. It can help surgeons to keep their feet always dry against any possible spill that may occur during the surgery.

Additionally, the shoes need to be cushioned to the fullest extent. This means that the heel and foot curve areas should always have extra cushioning that will help the surgeons to withstand the long times of standing.

Moreover, the surgeon shoes should be tough outside and tender inside. In other words, the shoes should be always having a leather covering that keeps heat outside and can proliferate the internal moisture to the outer environment.

How to select a good pair of surgeons shoes

If you want to select a good pair of surgeons shoes then you need to make sure that the shoe is comfortable enough for wear all day long.

Most of the surgeons do like to have softer insoles since this creates less blisters to their footbeds. The toe finger area is also important. It has to be roomy and give them more space to move their toe fingers.

Not to mention, that the heel area needs to have more cushioning and the shoelaces need to be absent. This means that the surgeon would always have the chance to put on and off the shoes without the need to bend.

Finally, surgeon shoes should be antistatic and well insulated against the ground. All devices in an operating room may have electicity and that is why most surgeons need shoes that can keep them safe against any possible danger.

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