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What Are The Best Watches?

There are many brands and styles of watches like Teddy Baldassarre, and despite what most people think, watches are not made equal. Some watches are of heavenly quality and make luxurious brands that cater to the needs of the high-end market. The middle category is the famous brands that last long, and which have been manufactured using high-quality parts. They have been assembled by experienced technicians, and are an indication of opulence. Moreover, there are everyday options of watches that most people wear. These are the most affordable choices that anyone, regardless of income level can afford.

Here are the best 5 watches in the market today

1. Rolex Submarine 116618LN-18K Yellow Gold

Rolex Submariner 16618LN is for watch enthusiasts who want a watch that is robust, reliable, and functional. It’s designed to be waterproof and can be waterproof to a depth of 1000 feet. This incredible watch offers optimal protection against dust, shocks, and pressure. Its overall design has been informed by the needs of divers, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks proper esthetics.


2. Rolex GMT Master II BLNR “BATMAN”

This watch is easily recognizable thanks to its emblematic two-color bezel. In case you travel to a zone that lies in a different time zone, the hand piece allows you to read the time in the two zones differently, thanks to its ability to show both the reference time and also the local time.

3. Oris TT1 Chronograph 

This is a Swiss automatic watch that is designed for men who want to look classy and elegant. The TTI Chronograph has a 45 mm stainless-steel case and several other features such as a bezel that is available as polished stainless steel or in black ceramic color. This classy watch also features a tachymeter scale. You’ll also get this incredible watch in a black-PVD-coating, with a red ring between its case and bezel. Depending on the model that appeals to you, you should be ready to spend more than one thousand five hundred American dollars to get this watch.

4. Timex

The Timex brands have always strived to provide more value and not esthetics to their customers. The brand has been available for the last three decades and the watch has grown in terms of features, durability, and functionality. Timex has an adequate collection especially for those whose interest in watches has just started. The designs are handsome and can complement your attire in a subtle manner.

5. Invicta

These days, there are many watches from Invicta, with amazing designs and pricing options that may confuse someone who is not fully initiated into the world of watches. Some of the brands from Invicta are unbelievable, with features that make them the gems worth paying for. It’s an automatic movement watch with an inbuilt sapphire crystal. This watch is a super bargain because similar watches that have the same features cost tens of dollars more. The features are traditional and are somehow similar to the expensive Swiss counterparts that have dominated the high-end watch markets. This is a stylish watch that you can never go wrong with, no matter the occasion that you plan to wear it.

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