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What are the different types of electric bikes?

As with classic bikes, there are now as many kinds of electric bikes as different practices. Indeed, in addition to the engine part, the geometry, the material used, the components differ according to the constraints of use and the leading practice. Whether the cyclist travels daily in the city or needs a versatile bike that will serve him all week and for his rides, the bike that will be offered to him will be quite different. For this reason, it is essential when choosing an electric bike to take all the time necessary with the seller to describe his practice, his needs, and his constraints to receive the best advice. Likewise, the test is essential to "feel" the bike in terms of its temperament, the comfort it offers, and technical qualifications.

Electric bikes for the city

The ebikes designed for urban users is undoubtedly the most common type of pedelec in Europe and has the most seniority than its counterparts. The use was initially very contrasted according to the cities and the regions. Still, it is now becoming a constant in the urban environment, particularly in the large metropolises, and continues to develop at high speed. Its use is acclaimed by communities that encourage cyclists to plunge thanks to the purchase aids offered in many regions. The electric bicycle was indeed the first vector for the democratization of the electric bike. The main characteristics of the urban electric bike are comfort, high-performance electric assistance to make trips with less effort, and equipment allowing minimal maintenance. Young woman cycling along a river with a barge

Electrically assisted folding bikes

The folding electric bicycle, more and more popular with customers of bicycle shops, requires real consideration as to its use, to choose the ideal model for its use. There are two versions: the compact electric bike, which allows a minimum bulk (in terms of length, height, and weight) and which remains a real small-size bike, and the folding electric bike itself, which will above all be recommended for people who need more compactness, in particular when taking the train or the plane.

Electric bikes for hiking

The hiking e-bike could well revolutionize cycle tourism. In fact, with an electric bike, you can imagine traveling more distance, going faster, and overcoming the most challenging terrain. And this without necessarily being more tired on arrival or crippled by stiffness. On the luggage side, these electric bicycles allow you to load without worrying about the weight transported. A few pounds, the electric assistance will relieve the cyclist in all circumstances. Through the specific work of manufacturers on elements as essential as the geometry of the frame, transmission, braking, and essential comfort elements, the electric touring bike becomes the ally of audiences as varied as retirees, young workers transporting children in a trailer, couples where one of the two has a slower pace than the other,the electrically-assisted cargo bike.

The electric cargo bike

has become a must in urban areas: this funny bike, incredibly robust and preceded by a wooden, plastic, or metal box, allows children and equipment to be transported over long distances and despite possible relief. For many families using it daily, or professionals (in particular artisans), the electric cargo-bike completely replaces a car, or even a small utility vehicle, due to its loading capacity and its ease of maneuvering it the center. -city. Cargo bikes are arguably the category that has adopted electric assistance the fastest. Indeed, it quickly becomes necessary as soon as the routes' relief rises or the transported load becomes essential. The leading families of electrically assisted cargo vessels:

The electric scooters require different handling of driving a traditional bike due to three wheels and a large fund, but they offer perfect rest.

The electric biporteurs are more intuitive in steering because driving is almost similar to a single bike. Rolling and dynamic, they provide excellent maneuverability, which allows you to squeeze through traffic.

The electric longtails or bicycles with extended cargo racks are probably the most compact and handy in this family of electric transport bikes.

Electrically assisted mountain bikes

E-MTBs are above all mountain bikes: everything in their frame geometry and the choice of components make them exceptional bikes in the countryside. The anglicism "Mountain Bike," literally "mountain bike," takes on its full meaning. It is equipped with a discreet electric motor with exceptional performance. This is how the highest peaks and the most committed slopes are within everyone's reach for more fun. Whether you are a novice, occasional mountain biker, or seasoned athlete, all practitioners will find an advantage in electric assistance on a mountain bike. For some, it will be an aid that allows them to travel and climb what was not possible without a minimum physical condition. For others, it's a new way to go beyond your limits, always faster, always further, consistently higher! Electric mountain biking and the invention of ski lifted for skiing in the 20th century. In both cases, this made it possible to democratize an elitist discipline by its physical constraints. Sportsman next to an electric mountain bike in the countryside

Electrically assisted road bikes

The road bike or racing bike can be perceived as elitist, a little exclusive in its practice because of the time it takes to train and the effort required. Cyclists' motivations can be very different, but the stake is the same: to take up challenges (personal or collective) of distance or relief. The road eBike allows a peloton to keep the same pace without the less experienced cyclists being left behind or even discovering the joys and sensations of climbing a pass for some. It is also necessary to know how to use the assistance: a few tips can easily optimize the engine's aid—more information on electrically assisted road bikes.

Electrically assisted VTCs

The VTC or all-terrain electric bike is a hybrid bike. It allows you to get out of the urban environment and free yourself from forest roads. Usually equipped with versatile tires and small suspensions, this type of bike offers half-sport / half-comfort driving pleasure. In its electric version, the VTC makes it possible to cover longer distances, particularly for cyclists not used to managing sustained effort over a long period. Woman with an electrically assisted VTC by a lake

Fast electric bikes

Called Speed ​​Bikes or fast electric bikes, these cars can drive up to 45 km / h and thus quickly cover very long distances in urban and peri-urban areas, even on sports rides. Indeed, the new batteries' capacity offers autonomy, making it possible to envisage journeys of around sixty kilometers on average easily. In town, it is an ideal alternative to motorized two-wheelers: they retain the pleasure of pedaling, increased maneuverability and responsiveness in urban areas, at the same time as high cruising speed. However, they are subject to specific legislation that prohibits their use on cycle paths and requires wearing an approved helmet, specific insurance, and registration. We can say that it is the electric bike 2.0.

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