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What Are The Different Types Of JIB Crane?

Cranes are the crucial components for any kind of civil engineering jobs. There are different types of cranes that are being used based on the amount of weight to be lifted or the amount of area available on construction site for movement of the cranes. JIB Crane is the most popular type of crane that comprises a pillar fixed either to the wall or it is mounted on the floor. The pillar supports the horizontal boom or jib which comprises of the portable hoist that has a rope or chain wrapped around it.

The drum is either pneumatically or electrically driven and it can be operated manually. Lifting medium of the crane is usually the chain, but in some construction site wire cable or fiber rope is used. The load is usually lifted with the support of the lifting hook that is fixed on the lifting medium. JIB Crane is not only used in the construction site, but you will also find its application on military and commercial ships. The floor mounted, self supported type is the common crane that is widely used.

Floor Mounted Type

JIB Crane 3

This is the most common type of JIB Crane. Since it is floor mounted, it is elf supported too and comes with vertical mast mounted above the concrete foundation. It is mainly used to evenly share loads of the main cranes. This is the type of crane which can revolve 360 degree easily and they are manually operated.

Wall Mounted Type

This is the type of crane that is horizontally mounted or fixed on the wall and rather than vertical shaft it has RCC column bracket mounting system. Hoist mechanism of the crane is the same as the floor mounted type but it has no vertical boom. The wall mounted type has RCC column bracket that promotes the highest rotation of 200 degrees, but it has the ability to cover the areas close to the bracket mounting without the hindrance at the floor level. The benefits that are associated with these cranes allow them to be used for fleet management solutions and for large-scale material handling.

Wall Mounted Travelling Type

The construction of wall mounted travelling type is just similar to the fixed type, but with a major difference. This is the type of crane that is able to cover the lengthwise area close to the building columns without the hindrance at the floor levels. The horizontal or the near-horizontal boom helps in loading and unloading commercial materials faster. The top floors of large buildings utilize these cranes to lift things up from the bottom part of the building.

Free Standing JIB Crane

The free standing crane is the most versatile type of JIB Crane which is usually placed under the large bridge cranes in open spaces where they are served as the multiple work stations. It is also used for outdoor applications like loading docks or in assembly or machining operations where they can be easily overlapped with other JIBs to offer the stager operations. It allows the operators to easily position the loads efficiently, effortless and accurately. The fixed pulley block helps in the dislocation of elements quickly if needed, and this helps in the undertaking of major commercial projects at a greater pace. So, these were some of the different types of JIB Crane models which are commonly and widely used in the construction and machining industries today. These cranes are available both for purchasing and also for rent from reliable crane companies and it is always better to compare different deals of the crane companies to find better offers and save money on it. So, make your load shifting and lifting easier and effortless with the best crane for your industry.

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