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What Are The Features of Angular 2?

Angular 2 is a free, open-source JavaScript framework backed-up initiative by Google. The main motive behind the development of this framework is to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. It has overcome various burdens and hurdles that arise while working with SPAs. One of the most attractive benefits it has it makes binding of code between HTML UI elements and JavaScript very easy. Have a keen interest in this? Read the best crafted and informative Angular 2 interview questions. You would get a clearer picture.


Let us take a look at the new features which have been introduced in Angular 2.


1. Components in and Controllers Out: In Angular 1, most of the work was carried out in Controllers, but in the new version, Angular 2, Components have taken their place. It has made it easy to build project applications using various modules. Components in Angular 2 contains Modules, Export array, Bootstrap array, Import array, Directives.


2. TypeScript Plays A Key Role: What if you have no knowledge of JavaScript, but you still want to work in Angular 2? Then TypeScript comes into the picture. It converts the simple program to JavaScript i.e. (.js) file. 


3. Code Sharing: Multiple codes can be shared on an application developed through Angular.


4. Progressive Web Apps: High-performance and zero-step installation app-like experiences can be build using modern web platform capabilities. 


5. Ease of Compatibility: It is always helpful to work on multiple browsers; one doesn’t need to give a second thought to the IE. In Angular 2, one can work on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.


6. Cross-Platform Functionality: It can run on applications like Angular JS 2.0 Android, iOS, etc. The developers can also build native and hybrid UI mobile apps with the help of NativeScript and Ionic. No need to write multiple codes for native mobile apps. 


7. High Speed: It views caching for smooth virtual scrolling, offline compile for fast startup, and loads through server-side pre-rendering.


8. Ease of Development: Angular 2 provides complete support for TypeScript, ES6, CS5, Dart. If you want to use Angular 2, then you don’t need to think hard to pick the languages supported by it.


9. Animation: It is the world of 3D and animation. Angular 2 supports dependency injection to develop attractive web animation and CSS. The animation package has been improved in Angular 4. It has made the process of finding the docs straightforward and launched the advantage of auto-completion. If you want to know more features in the best way, learn Angular 4 interview questions.

10. Code Splitting: Component Router decreases the loading time of the Angular apps. Moreover, productivity can be increased with Angular CLI, command-line tools. It adds components and tests, starts building fast, and deploys the code without any delay.


11. Instance Scope: The DI library consists of instance scope controllers, which, when used in combination with child injectors & scope identifiers come up even more reliable. 

12. Dynamic Loading: This feature was missing in the previous version of Angular. This added feature allows programmers to control and add new directives.

13. Improved Dependency Injection (DI): Now, the program design pattern where an item is passed has been enhanced in Angular 2. The benefits of modular development and element isolation are strengthened in this new version. 


If you have thought to carry out with Angular 2 and expand your knowledge base, practice more. Without practice, you won’t be able to master it. 


If you liked the article and the eloquent information provided, stay tuned for more write-ups.

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