What are the Features of Motor Claim Management Platform?


Claims are a critical part of the insurance business not depending on how big or small your company structure is. The Claims Management System manages all aspects of claims, including coverage verification, reserving, reinsurance attachment, salvage and subrogation, and monitoring litigation and complaints.  It is vital to the success of both large and small companies working within the insurance industry. You can obtain more such information about auto insurance claims management software here. Let us see some of the top features of an effective motor claim management program:

    Simple and general form submission:

The users filling up a small and simple form from any of their electronic gadgets like their smartphone should be a quick process. The forms asking for their basic information like first name, last name, and contact details should be filled in automatically when the customer decides to submit a claim. This might be an easy process since the information is saved in their database. The process will be quicker if the user is aware of attaching photos of receipts.

    Tracking the process:

The claimants should be well aware of the process and status of their claim, the steps that they are supposed to follow further, and what the final outcome would be. This will allow the company to have transparency with their customers. Tracking the process makes the customers have trust in the insurance company.



When the customer uses their insurer’s app or software, all the important paperwork like their driver’s license and policy documents should be available with them. When all the documents will be present in a single place, it will become quite convenient for them to access the same.

    Online payment:

If the process of claim is taken place in an online mode, it turns out to be an even better and easy process. Another plus point of the online payment procedure would be that the important documents would be available to both, the client and the consultant. Online payment is also quick. One will easily be able to have the records of all customers who have already made a payment and of the ones who are yet to pay.


For quick and simple access one can sign in with a PIN code that is not difficult to recall. Any cases data entered should not be lost until submitted. Simultaneously all close-to-home information should be gotten by means of encryption. It is likewise helpful if the greater part of your application's highlights are accessible regardless of whether the client is disconnected.

Here are some features effective enough to turn the leaf:

    Reminder function:

This is a helpful element since it's anything but a specialist to keep steady over the undertakings that require a convenient reaction. The updates include works with the help given by the insurance agency.

    Regular up-gradation:

A few cases are more difficult to plan since more documentation is required. Subsequently guarantees supervisors need to have a framework to help them stay up with the latest documentation, set up the cases, and keep them from losing applicable archives.

    Handling of different sorts of contracts:

It is favoured that the cases the board framework can deal with different kinds of standard agreements. Moreover, as the customers and the specialists would acquaint revisions with the states of the standard type of agreement it is important that the framework can manage changes.

    Expanded search abilities:

The user needs to have easy access to look through for all intents and purposes any information inside the case, including petitioner, alltimespost.com, strategy number, telephone number, check number, and so on.

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