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What are the Immigration Laws in the UK?

Living a better life is something that everybody wishes for, even if it involves moving to a whole new country and starting fresh. Third world country residents in particular prefer working and living their life in developed countries like the UK, US, and Canada in hopes of improving the quality of their life by acquiring standard education, receiving advanced health care facilities, and being exposed to better career opportunities. Thus encouraging mainly skilled workers, laborers and families to move abroad and live a new lifestyle. If you’re looking forward to moving to the UK or Manchester in particular, this article will walk you through some basic information about the UK immigration laws. However, before we move on to that, we recommend getting in touch with Manchester immigration solicitors who will further enlighten you about the UK laws and will keep you updated on the requirements, etc. 

 The UK has introduced a points based immigration system. Over time the immigration laws in the UK have changed, not only for applicants from around the world but the system must even be implemented by EU citizens just as much as it does to non-EU citizens. There are now new arrangements made for EU citizens, which includes the ending of the free movement with the European Union (EU) dated 31 December 2020. Keep reading to know more about these rules and you can be on your way to applying for the UK immigration process in no time. 

Visa Application 

There are newer routes paved for applications to live, study and work in the UK. You now can pay and apply for your visa online. Upon applying, you will be asked to provide your biometric information, which leads you to the process of:

Swiss, EU and EEA Citizens 

Most visas require a digital photo of yours through a smartphone app, fingerprints may not be necessary. However, other routes require you to travel overseas to a visa application centre to have your picture taken. 

Non-EU Citizens

You will need to continue with providing your photo and fingerprint at an overseas visa application centre. 

Foreign Students and Graduates 

You can apply to study in the UK with newer visa routes if:

  • You have received an offer or a place on a course 
  • You can understand, write, speak and read English 
  • You have sufficient money to pay for your finances and your course. 

For those international students who have completed a degree in the UK, a Graduate visa is also available to them.

Visiting the UK

Non visa nationals like EEA, EU and Swiss citizens are exempted from the requirement of a visa to enter the UK, when visiting for a period of upto 6 months. Migrants that are looking to enter the UK for study, work, or any other reason must need to apply in advance for entry clearance. 

Getting Married

In the event that you wish to register a civil partnership or want to visit the UK for the purpose of marriage you are required to apply for a marriage visitor visa. 

If you or any member of your family members are from Switzerland, the EU, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein you will need to apply for a marriage visitor visa for civil partnership registration or visiting the UK for marriage. 

Work in the UK

The points based system can be beneficial for skilled workers as it includes a route for them if they have a job offer from an approved employer sponsor. 

The job that you are being offered for will need to be of a certain skill level RQF3 or above (Equals to A level). Not to mention, you must be paid a relevant compensation/salary threshold by your sponsor and must also be able to speak english. The general salary threshold must be higher of the two:

  • £25,600 or
  •  Rate for your job

If you earn lesser, but no less than £20,480 you will still be able to apply in exchange of ‘trading’ points against your compensation on certain characteristics. For instance, if you have a PhD that is relevant to the job or if you have a shortage of occupation job offer.  

Keep these few tips in your mind while you apply for the UK visa process for more clarity. 

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