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What Are The Knee Pain Symptoms And Causes

Being active is one of the best jobs you can do for your joints and the rest of your body. But injuries can occur, and they often involve the knees. Some of the most fundamental problems are sprained ligaments, meniscus tears, tendinitis, and runner’s knee. If you experience any of these issues, one of the first things you can do is to stabilize your knee with a knee brace, or knee compression sleeve.

If you have an old knee injury that wasn’t adequately treated, it may flare up now and then or hurt all the time. Knee doctor Dallas provides the best treatment that keeps your knees damages recover with better surgeries.

Knee doctor Dallas

Almost all people experience knee pain at any time in their lives. Sports, exercise and other movements can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and more severe damages to ligaments and cartilage. For some, knee pain will be severe that it restricts daily movements.

For others, light knee pain may be a constant hindrance to the active lifestyle they want. In either case, the chances are that you’re dealing with a knee dilemma that shouldn’t overlook.


The area and hardness of knee pain may vary, depending on the cause of the knee injuries.

Symptoms And Signs That Sometimes Accompany Knee Pain Include:

  • Redness and heat to the touch
  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Weakness or instability
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee
  • Popping or crunching noises


Knee pain can effect by injuries, mechanical problems, types of arthritis and other issues.


Knee pain can affect any of the ligaments, tendons or fluid-filled sacs that envelope your knee joint as well as the cartilage, bones, and ligaments that form the joint itself. Some of the more basic knee injuries include:

knee Pain


The knee bone of the kneecap, that broken during motor vehicle collisions or falls. People whose bones have been damaged by osteoporosis can sometimes sustain a knee fracture simply by moving wrong.

ACL Injury:

An ACL damage is the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament — one of four ligaments that join your shinbone to your thigh bone. An ACL injury is common in people who play basketball, soccer or other sports that want sudden changes in direction.

Knee Bursitis:

Knee bursitis is the pain of a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) located near your knee joint. Bursae reduce friction and cushion stress points within your bones and the muscles, tendons, and skin near your joints. One of the bursae in your knee can develop inflamed, but knee bursitis most usually happens over the kneecap or on the inner surface of your knee below the joint.

Mechanical Problems:

Iliotibial Band Syndrome:

This happens when the tight band of tissue that extends from the outside the hip to outside of your knee becomes so tight that it rubs against the outer portion of your femur. Distance runners are unusually susceptible to iliotibial band syndrome.

Loose Body:

Rarely injury or degeneration of bone or cartilage can cause a piece of bone or cartilage to split off and float in the joint space. This may not produce any difficulties except the loose body interferes with knee joint action, in which case the impact is something like a pencil caught in a door hinge.

Hip Or Foot Pain:

If you have pain in hip or foot, it may develop the way you walk to spare these painful joints. But this changed gait can place stress on your knee joint. In some cases, issues in the hip or foot can include pain to the knee. Medical Center’s of Dallas orthopedic specialists have an incredible depth of experience in treating the full spectrum of knee conditions and injuries.

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