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What Are The Legal Requirements Of Getting Married In France!

What Are The Legal Requirements Of Getting Married In France fab18d9d

France- the capital of love, romance, Paris, fashion, sunny beaches, and what's not has a plethora of amazing things to offer. The vibe of the country attracts millions of people around the world. Its stunning scenery is the backdrop of most of the movies and videos. 


And, it's not surprising that many couples have their dream of taking wows in France. However, not many of them know about the legalities and other requirements that go in the ceremony.


So, if you are soon going to get hitched in this picturesque country, here are few things that you should note down:


Legal Requirements: 


One of the most important things in France wedding is that the ceremony should happen with the couple's consent. Also, the couple should be at least 18 years old. If you plan a secular or religious wedding ceremony in France, you should be already married according to your home country rules. Keep in mind that the civil ceremonies in the country are legally binding and have international recognition.


Furthermore, if your fiancé/spouse holds French citizenship, you should apply for a 'Long-stay visa.' After the wedding, the law will convert your visa into permanent residency as French citizens.


Papers And Documents: Make sure you have these papers to provide the marriage application:


  • Residency proof: At least one person should have proof of residency in France. It has to be shown 30 days before the ceremony.


  • Passport of both parties


  • Original papers for a birth certificate


  • A certificate that you are not married (certificate of celibacy)


  • Prenuptial agreement with a notary certificate


  • An affidavit that states you are free to marry in another country, and it will be legal in the home country as well


Can Two Foreigners Marry In France?


Yes, if both of you belong to another country but want to get married in France, you can get married. However, there's an administrative procedure involved in the wedding, namely place and residency prof and the documents from a certified translation in French. French law only accepts civil marriages; hence you should be legally married before having an official ceremony. You can either

  • Marry in France and hold a ceremony

  • Marry in the UK though civil ceremony and then hold a religious ceremony in France


How The Wedding Process Takes Place:


First, you need a town hall where you want to host the wedding. Keep in mind to book the hall at least ten days before the wedding date. Also, the original documents that are required in the process should be translated into French. If your application got approved, make sure that the wedding happens in not more than one year and no less than ten days.


After the wedding, you will get an official book that holds the record of your marriage. French people often keep this book to record life events like births, deaths, and weeding. Lastly, you need to apply to the town hall to get your official certificate.


Popular French Traditions:


Some of the popular French traditions and customs are:


  • Grand Entrance: The Ceremony occurs with the groom entering the venue with his mother down the aisle.


  • Bridesmaids: In French weddings, there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen, but witnesses only.


  • Cake: All French weddings have a common cake called Croquembouche. It is a pyramid of glazed cream puffs stacked together.


  • Champagne Tower: a flute pyramid with flowing champagne is the highlight of every French Reception.


  • Onion Soup:  Onion soup is the classic French dish served after the evening to help guests come over from a long and tiring night of celebration.


Now that you know what you need when you are having a French wedding keep the above tips in mind and cherish your day.

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