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What are the medical benefits of cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are considered as chemical compounds of cannabis(MARIJUANA), having an effect on the human body, whenever the plant is consumed. Global Cannabinoids receptors in the human body produce many beneficial effects including pain relief.

There are about 85-113 known cannabinoids found in marijuana & each has a different effect on the body.

There are various subclasses of cannabinoids listed below:

1) Cannabidiols(CBD):

Bone health: As we age, our bodies naturally suffer from a disease condition i.e: osteoporosis, in which our bones become weak & fragile, leading towards severe pain & fractures. According to recent research, CBD is involved in strengthening of bones as well as also promote healing process during fracture.

Sleep quality: some individuals are suffering from insomnia (sleeping disorder). Most people take the sleeping medication in order to alleviate their sleeping disorder. Recent research shows that CBD can be used to promote healthier sleep problem, thereby preventing the need for taking sleeping medications that are harmful.

Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors that are widely located in our central nervous system as well as the brain. Researchers believe that CBD can be used as a potential treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis &Alzheimer diseases (via reducing neuroinflammation).

2) Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC):

It is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, that is responsible to produce the feeling of being high.

Pain relief: those pathways of the central nervous system that are involved in blocking pain signals are activated by THC.

Protect brain cells: THC is considered as a neuroprotectant, responsible for preventing the brain cells from damage.

Promotes brain growth: CB1 receptors located in the brain are activated by THC due to which brains ability increases.


It is a naturally phytocannabinoid cannabis plant.

Antimicrobial: CBC fights with fungi and bacteria. It has powerful antibacterial effects on gram-negative as well as gram-positive bacteria.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: swelling and Inflammation occurs in the intestinal tract can be cured with CBC.

Analgesic: CBC interacts with those receptors that are involved in pain control, thereby reducing the level of pain.

Anti-Depressant: fights depression due to its mood elevating properties.

Stimulates Brain Growth It enhance the process of neurogenesis (increased growth of brain cells).

A cancerous tumor can be inhibited by CBC: CBC inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors via interacting with anandamide(another endocannabinoid)

Migraines – CBC also helpful in relieving migraine pain.

4)Cannabinol (CBN):

It is crystalline cannabinoid, mildly psychoactive, found in minute quantities in cannabis as THC’s breakdown product. It possesses sedative properties. Other benefits are:

◊Analgesic effect.

◊Antibacterial properties.

◊Anti-inflammatory properties.

◊Promotes bone’s cells growth,

◊Appetite Stimulant.

◊Anticonvulsive properties.

◊Muscle relaxant.

◊Reduces nausea.

◊Treat muscled spasms & seizures.

5)Cannabigerol (CBG):

Cannabigerolic acid is considered as the parent molecule from which all kinds of cannabinoids are synthesized. Cannabigerol is a nonacidic form of this parent molecule.

Glaucoma treatment: Endocannabinoid receptors are distributed in eye structures. CBG is involved in reducing the intraocular pressure, so it is effective in the treatment of glaucoma.

Cancer treatment: Those receptors that promote the growth of cancer cells are blocked by CBG

Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Crohn’s disease, as well as other diseases that include bowel inflammation, can be best treated with CBG, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Stimulate Appetite: Cachexia is a condition that is characterized by loss of weight and muscle mass. This condition can be well treated with CBG as it possesses the property of stimulating the appetite.

6)Cannabicyclol (CBL):

It is considered as the least common studied cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. As the plant ages, the amount of CBL also increases. It possesses no psychoactive effects.

It reduces tumors & help in relieving inflammation.

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