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What are the Medicinal Properties of Marijuana?

 In our laboratories, even the very small amounts of cannabinoids that we use for our research on mice are under high surveillance. This regulatory burden discourages many researchers.

The design of the experiments is another difficult challenge of size. Many studies are based on consumer memories: they describe their symptoms and the quantities of cannabis consumed. This same bias is found in any study that is based on reported behaviors . In addition, laboratory studies generally only involve moderate to frequent users, who have certainly developed a certain addiction to the effects of marijuana and, as a result, are not representative of the general population. In addition, these studies are limited to the use of cannabis in its "whole" form, which contains many kinds of cannabinoids whose effects we know very little about

Cannabis use is not without Risks:

The possibility of excessive consumption exists for any drug that affects the functioning of the brain, and cannabinoids are no exception to the rule. Cannabis compares to tobacco, because many of its consumers also have trouble stopping . And like tobacco, cannabis is a natural product that has been grown selectively to achieve stronger effects on the brain, which is not without risk.

Although many cannabis users are able to stop without problem, 2 to 6% of US consumers have difficulty stopping. The repeated use of drugs, despite the desire to diminish or stop using them, is a sign of dependency .

As more and more US states enact laws for the medical or recreational use of cannabis, the number of dependents may well increase.

It is too early to say that the potential benefits of cannabis outweigh the risks it incurs to those who consume it. But while US laws on cannabis (and cannabidiol) are less restrictive, it is time for research to establish facts.

Cannabis slows the growth of Cancer Cells:

A recent study by the reputed  Institute shows that cannabis compounds slow the growth of tumors and kill some cancer cells. Cannabis is also effective at relieving the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, and promoting sleep and appetite, while reducing pain

Treatment of epilepsy:

Cannabis is now prescribed as an alternative medicine for the treatment of epilepsy. In a new study conducted by a famous institute  137 people with epilepsy (25 with Dravet syndrome and 22 with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) who did not respond to current treatments were based on Epidiolex, a 99% THC drug, for 12 weeks. The results are very eloquent:

Growth of brain cells:

Some studies ( here , here  and there ) show that CBD can help the brain to regenerate some of its cells, especially in the hippocampus, in connection with its anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.

Slow down Alzheimer's progression:

Cannabis is one of the rare plants to contain Omega-3 fatty acids that lower blood pressure, reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease . But scientists have mostly suggested, in a study published in the Alzheimer's Disease Journal, that low doses of THC slow down the production of beta-amyloid proteins, which generally accumulate to create plaques in the brain and that is a known feature of Alzheimer's disease. PharmaCielo a Canadian company and its CEO David Attard has become a leading supplier of naturally grown and processed, standardized medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products.

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