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What are the Mobile App Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid?

As you know that the mobile has changed the whole landscape of consumerism in the last couple of years as it becomes the favorite tool for communicating, shopping, reading news, watching television, and exploring other things.


While looking at mobile as a marketing purpose, it is the most advanced way to connect with your targeted audience. However, mobile app developers and markers know that how ubiquitous mobile is.


Every day, more than 1500 applications being launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so it is quite difficult to succeed in a world dominated by apps. It is enough to have an application for your brand, marketing your app is also crucial.


To market your mobile app successfully, you should adopt a clever mobile app marketing strategy that will take you ahead of your competitors and ensure that users return to your application. However, marketers often make some of the common mistakes at the time of promoting their applications, which lead to unsatisfactory results and a high budget.


Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Using the Same Marketing Strategies That You Have Already Used


As per the recent white paper by Fiksu, still mobile is not the traditional media, and it doesn’t fit well with traditional marketing strategies. However, traditional marketing doesn’t work to vibrate with mobile-first audiences, who are progressively younger groups with a keen sense of their likes, dislikes, and choices.


Make sure to avoid this mistake by don’t market for a broad audience. Rather than this, leverage data-driven marketing tools so that you can easily put messages in front of specific audiences. After that, you can also give audiences a way to cooperate like by downloading a free item or clicking a link to learn more information.


Considering the Mobile Experience Like It’s The Desktop


A lot of mobile experiences are just smaller versions of the brand’s desktop, allowing the exact same functionality and working on it to shrink it down to the small screen. A mobile application is completely different for experiences and it is a must to treat it differently for the new opportunities it delivers.


The user will instantly dismiss the overwhelming designs, which mimic desktop content page for page. However, it is common to consider that a customer will input as much information on the mobile as they do on the desktop. But do you know that input is time-consuming on mobile devices and it is essential to design with that in mind In fact, the small screens are considered best as they allow users to focus on what is important.


All you can do is just simplifying the lives of customers by focusing the attention on some of the major things that matter. In case, if you already have the app or desktop website, you can do is cut down some functionality to a few core tasks.


Not Able to Drive Mobile App Reviews


No matter what type of mobile application you are developing for your business, you will definitely find that you have numerous competitors. But if you want to make your space in the store and want to get your targeted audience to choose you over the competitors, you can do is have a lot of good reviews for your app.


Good reviews for your application works like social proof and has a major role in-app purchasing decisions. Therefore, the more positive reviews you will get for your app, the more audience will download your app.


If you are thinking that how you can encourage users to review your application, Appirater is one of the best plugins that will help you to get reviews for your app.


Failing to Meet Consumers’ Expectations


As we all know that consumers instantly judge mobile applications; therefore, you make sure that you manage their expectations in your marketing stuff like screenshots, description, preview video, icon or it could be anything related to your app. However, if you understate and yet overdeliver, you are far more possible to attract positive reviews to your application.


By all these means, you can do is highlight the unique selling points of your application; however, you should not overstate their capabilities.  In case, if you flip this around and wind up in one such situation where you over-promise your users and under deliver, your app will end up getting lots of negative reviews.


And now you know that reviews count towards your apps’ search ranking, you should not do this otherwise negative reviews can discard your app.


Not Using Social Networks to Promote Your App


You might be using social media to connect with your target audience, but have you ever considered developing a separate social media marketing strategy for your application? If you do not, you should. Below, you can find some tips for promoting your application on social media:


  • Give people an incentive to connect with you and download your app.

  • You should write in a human voice in all your social media posts. For example, at the time of writing, you can consider your target audience and use such a tone that you think will attract them.

  • You can schedule your social media posts so that you can save your time.


In addition to this, you can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ads to spread the word about your application. You can spend your time on the social network that is most popular with your customers and create ads for that social network.


So, these are some of the common mistakes that mobile app markets do while marketing the app. They should avoid these mistakes and make app marketing successful. No matter whether you have an android app or iOS for marketing, you can also get in touch with a leading app development company that has years of experience in the industry.

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