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What Are The Most Common Masonry Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Masonry - Many homeowners want a fireplace in the winter season to keep them warm from the cold outside. Others might want to get some brickwork done at their places.

Whatever masonry work you are looking for, you need to avoid some of the most common mistakes, which could otherwise affect the whole procedure badly.

This article will highlight what could be those mistakes and how you can avoid them seamlessly.

Hence, if you are looking to get some masonry work done, you need to read this writing for seamless results.

Without any delay, let’s begin with it:


Staining is one of the most common but least dangerous masonry problems which can be easily avoidable.

It is only a cosmetic problem that results from the brick exposure to the humidity and minerals in water and sunlight. When this happens, the bricks begin to strain.

The result of straining is evident in the faded colours of bricks and masonry. The most common solution that people come up with to solve this issue is to paint the bricks.

Let me give you a warning, don’t do that without consulting residential masonry services.

If you seal the bricks improperly with paint, the bricks won’t breathe properly and might cause structural damage to your house.

Cracking and Leaking:

Cracking and Leaking in your masonry is very common problems that most homeowners usually face. When the bricks settle and shift over time, you might notice certain cracks visible in your masonry.

What is important to know about this is that you can always call a professional to spot and repair the motor joints and re-point the masonry before these small cracks become visible.

Doing so will make your chimney and other masonry look and perform as a brand-new one. Fail to do so would result in bigger messes that might be harder to get rid of.

One such problem could be the nasty leakage.

Small cracks in your masonry and chimney are okay, but the problem starts when they don’t stay small anymore.

Since brick and motor are both porous materials, they can easily absorb water. When this water freezes and expands, the cracks become larger and eventually causes leakage.

This leakage could inflict damage on your ceilings and other important parts of your residence.

Hence, it is always better to call for a residential masonry repair to fix cracks and avoid leakage as soon as possible.

Rust and Corrosion:

The presence of corrosion and rust on the masonry can also cause major problems if they are not handled at the right time

Corrosion can cause major cracks and rust that inhabits the steel section at first can expand and put a lot of pressure on the masonry.

The major source behind the rust and corrosion is when the water comes in contact with any metal such as steel which we all know is prone to corrosion.

To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that your residential masonry services ensure proper masonry installation.

If the building is being made up from the top, one such thing they can do is to use coated steel supports.

Properly tight joints and flashings should also be used to safeguard against excessive water penetration.

Poor Maintenance:

Though the masonry and brickwork are very strong, proper maintenance is required if you want to maintain its integrity for a long time.

Anything that is not properly maintained will get damaged eventually.

There are two main areas in which homeowners often neglect masonry maintenance; water collection and improper cleaning.

If your property comprises a brick foundation or a brick wall, you must keep the standing water away from the wall.

Even if it very well constructed, the brick will eventually start absorbing water and might get corroded. If you notice the water start pooling around the base, act quickly and immediately pump it out.

Let the area dry and then fill in the depression with dirt to prevent the water from accumulating again.

Another thing that you need to pay special heed to is the proper cleaning of your brickwork and masonry.

You can always use the method of power washing and sandblasting to clean your bricks and masonry. It is easily available on YouTube as well.

Power washing is the most recommended method, but you need to be cautious because if the wrong techniques and solvents are used, you can ruin the bricks.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know about the most common masonry mistakes and avoid them, you must stay vigilant to ensure effective results.

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