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What are the most recognized corporate awards for marketing?

Truth to be told, marketing awards have the power to help in promoting your brand, showcases the work to the executives and the company, which is performed by your team and makes it look good on the resume. For many companies in the industry, winning awards means new businesses, third-party endorsement, and better talents.

Therefore, as a professional marketer having marketing awards under your radar, is compulsory for your business to grow, and reach its level of reputation. Marketing awards has the power to help in building and maintaining, a positive brand image that will attract a good amount of audience. They also provide your prospective clients, to receive an insight into the trustworthiness of your brand.

Awards will deliver you a name-recognition, even before you and your brand are well known in the industry. By keeping the above-mentioned words in mind, take a look at the different types of awards, provided to marketers, which will enable them to receive the recognition they are looking for.

  1. AME Awards

The AME Award is granted to companies, where they showcase the effectiveness of advertising and marketing, by showing the groundbreaking solutions to challenging marketing issues. Found in the year 1994, it has been operating internationally, since day one. The campaigns that are crowned as the winner, address a challenge by using the exceptional creative elements, incorporating through a marketing plan to offer an execution, and take on the marketplace as well. Companies will exhibit their marketing goals, strategic planning, and accomplish objectives through creative execution.

  • MarCom Awards

For companies or individuals who involved with the writing and designing of print, visual, concept, video, audio, programs, and web materials, can opt for the competition to win the MarCom Awards. Corporate marketing, PR firms, advertising agencies, design shops, communication departments, and freelancers, happen to make their entries in order to receive this award.

  • The Effie Awards

These types of awards are considered being, marketing communication awards granted to individuals or companies who deliver, unique and effective marketing communication solutions, and are offered yearly through Effie Worldwide. The purpose of this award is to increase, the effectiveness of the marketing communication industry, with the help of recognition and education.

  • AVA Digital Awards

The international competition for AVA Digital Awards is offered to creative experts, who are recognized for their planning, design, concept, the product of digital communication, and direction. Individuals or companies, who have job ranges from website development, social media interaction, mobile marketing, audio and video production, and digital engagement campaigns. Through these work ranges, they are likely to receive the awards, by showing their creativity, and talent on this field.

  • Cynopsis Digital Model D Awards

Through these awards, individuals like inspirers, innovators, and creators of all kinds, come together to celebrate the advertising and online video content, where they stay in front of this new industry. The award is granted to those, who helps in elevating the industry, with their contributions to the technology, original contents, branded contents, and ad campaigns.

Why take the help of marketing awards for your business?

There are numerous reasons to take help of such awards when it comes to business marketing. The process will enable your targeted audience to have a clear image, on what you have accomplished so far, and legitimately you are perceived with the industry. You deserve the spotlight, the reputation, and recognition for your creativity, experience, and leadership, and with the help of the awards, it will act as the key component to help your company, to move a brand forward. Given below are some of the reasons, to why you need the help of such awards. They are

  • It will help your venture
  • Helps in establishing and building your company’s brand
  • Enables you to become a great leader in the industry
  • Gives you the chance to recruit and keep top talents
  • Increases the credibility among the peers

Awards will allow you to benefit from numerous ways, and by staying at the top-list of opportunities, it will enable you to receive numerous awards.

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