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What are the Most Useful Tips to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown during bank and government exams


Nervousness is the enemy of government job aspirants who aspire for SSC and Bank exams every year. It takes so many years of their life while they are combating for the exam. Each jolt of weakness works as a nervous breakdown edge for them. They tend to forget whatever they have learned so far. They may join any of the reputed coaching institutes but if they fall prey to nervousness they lose confidence. It is an extreme side of the exam preparation and one can overcome it if guided at the right time. Hence, the significant question that requires to be solved is how learners can avoid the nervous breakdown during exams when there is great anxiety in their minds.


Let us discuss the most useful tips to avoid nervous breakdown during bank exams which are considered to be the trickiest exams amongst government job exams. Aspirants who are preparing for the best ssc coaching in Delhi exam or any of the upcoming bank exams, should follow these tips to get a sigh of relief in the midst of frustrations and anxieties erupting time and again. 


1. To attend classes on a regular basis


Aspirants who wish to be stress-free during exams should attend the classes regularly. Dedication and sincerity work wonders while doing exam preparations. It makes the learning thorough and worth an outcome. You will be able to gain confidence as the concepts will be clear in your mind if you take the class seriously. Once you are out of stress and full of confidence then you will enjoy studying rather than a boredom exercise. 


2. Make notes after attending the lectures


Simply attending lectures regularly is not worthwhile; you should make short notes of each topic that you have taken in the class. Make a short note covering significant facts while reading from the study material. It is the best way to revise the topics that you have attended in the class. It is the ultimate key to master maximum topics.


3. Make a systematic study plan


Plan your studies in a way so that you can decide the time for revision and how it can be used effectively. Learning, revising, and practicing are the key mantras for exam preparation to lead towards your desired goal. It evades your stress level if everything goes according to your time and plan while studying for challenging exams like Best Coaching for Bank PO in Delhi and other upcoming bank exams. Make a balanced plan to make things go in the right direction. The best way is to take the awe-inspiring task as confront and simply break it into small parts to manage them effectively. Put variations in your timetable for different subjects and give limited time to all rather than giving all 8 hours of study to only one subject.


4. Understand your strengths and weaknesses 


Every student has its strengths and weaknesses and also has varied understanding levels for various subjects. There are many students who believe in burning midnight oil as they think that night hours are the best phase for studying. It’s better for every student to understand his strengths and weaknesses and then plan his study hours. Therefore, the best way to deal with exam stress is to feel calm and relaxed while studying. It’s highly advisable to study in a neat and tidy room and strategize a study plan that covers the entire syllabus in a restricted time. 


5. Regular Breaks should be taken 


According to medical reports, it has been revealed that any person can concentrate on any particular thing for 45 minutes.  If one tries to overstretch this limit then he is less able to concentrate. Therefore, it is advisable to take regular breaks between study hours. It will refresh your brain and will help you to grasp more concepts in a day. If possible, do indulge in any activity of your interest that refreshes and pleases you. It will rejuvenate you in a positive way and make you a better learner in the long run. 


6. Good Eating Habits 


If you adopt healthy eating habits then you will be in better physical and mental conditions in your learning phase. It will control your sugar level and will enhance your energy level to the greatest extent. Do enjoy sound sleep to keep your mind fresh for studying more. Develop a habit of drinking lots of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. These factors will help you in combating exam stress. 


7. Exercise regularly 


Do exercise regularly and involve yourself in any physical activities like biking, walking, jogging, swimming, etc to relieve your physical stress. It will rejuvenate your senses and make you mentally alert.  


8. Sleep Well


The most effective way to beat exam stress is to have a sound sleep before the exam day. There are many students who study the entire night before their exam which results in body ache and fatigue. It becomes difficult for them to write the exam paper properly on the exam day. Before the exam, it is advisable to have sound sleep as it will refresh your mind and will help you to perform better on exam day. 


9. Relaxation is Important


The students should try to relax by doing meditation on a regular basis. They should try to do “Pranayam” (Yoga exercises to enhance oxygen levels in the body) that will relax and calm their body. Do focus on positive and pleasant things in your life. It will chill you out from your worries and tension. 


10. Revise Properly 


After completing the entire syllabus, it’s time to revise each and every concept properly with full understanding. Do practice it harder and concentrate more on important topics of each subject. 


It will make you an expert and more confident to face the exam stress on the examination day. 


It’s important to study, analyze and learn these above mentioned tips to avoid a nervous breakdown before the Cet 2021 exam. Every student should try to follow these steps properly to ease out exam stress. It will help them in performing well on the examination day. 



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