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What are the Qualities that Make a Great Yoga Teacher?

When we hear about eminent or great teachers, the certain thought of what makes them good passes through our mind. We start counting on certain traits or think how a great yoga teacher should be like or so. A yoga teacher plays a crucial role in building and shaping the practice of their students. So, it becomes essential to choose the right teacher for the practice of yoga if you’re going for a teacher training. Traversing to the birth land, you’ll come across yoga teacher in India who are knowledgeable and bestow true and authentic yogic wisdom.

Being an aspirant, you must be well aware of the traits of a good yoga teacher or guru but each teacher is unique in their own way. There are certain qualities that are always a part of good yoga teachers which are mentioned below.

Talk with the Students and Be Present for them

When it comes to choosing a yoga teacher qualification, experience tops the list. But apart from that, it is very important for a teacher to take out a few moments before and after each session to talk to the students. Ensure that your yoga instructor regularly catches up with you and other fellow yogis to know about injuries, body comfort, feedback or any other issues. Along with that make sure that he/she is always present to help you with the practice or any other support in terms of yoga.

The Confidence of Holding Silence

A great yoga teacher has the ability to embrace and enjoy the silent moments, and feel confident in such scenarios. Some of the yoga teachers, especially new ones find it difficult or tend to be a bit scared of silence, which results in them overdoing with instructions. A lot of instructions at once can surely be distracting, especially for the beginners. A teacher should only convey the important info and relevant instructions to the students. A teacher should be inspiring and make the practice lively by using moments of silence rightly.

Energy and Communication

One of the biggest qualities or traits is the energy of a yoga instructor and the communication skills. A teacher’s energy sets the ambiance of the class and transfers the same vibe to their students. Relaxing positive vibrations make the sessions more enchanting and change the overall experience of the class. On the other hand, communication is a way of bridging the gap between the students and the teacher. If the teacher is communicating clearly using the right tone and words, it impacts the overall practice. A great teacher doesn’t only use the skills during the session, but uses the same making students feel comfortable.

Love and Passion for the Art

You can easily notice the teacher who beholds the immense love and passion for the practice of ancient science of life. You can easily spot that if the teacher loves what they do or not, and the same feeling they transfer to their students. A yoga teacher can only become great when they focus on personal practice and set the example in front of their students.

The will to Learn and Improve

Yoga is an ongoing process; you can’t get enough of it, even if you’re practicing it from a year or an eminent teacher. A great yoga teacher is someone who wants to teach, learn more, isn’t afraid of improving, and wants to inspire all with the experience of this majestic art. A Yoga teacher is well aware of the drill, and knows how to expand the boundaries and growth of himself and his students simultaneously.

A right yoga teacher not only makes you learn the yogic wisdom but holds your hand and takes you towards the level of greatness. Travel to the land of birth to find the best Yoga instructor in India, and learn under them.

Bipin Baloni
Bipin Baloni
Bipin Baloni is a yoga teacher from India. His core specialization is in hatha and asthanga Yoga. He is a registered Yoga teacher who provides 200,300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh, India.
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