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What Are The Research Methodologies For Academic Essay?

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An essay that has information coming from weak and feeble resources is considered to be of poor quality. Auxiliary sources such as blogs, news, articles, etc. are not primary sources as most information is quoted hence you must find ways to improve your research methodology and make your reference game strong.  

There is plenty of 
assignment help available for those who lack the writing and researching skills or time to commit to it. No matter how remarkable your concept is or how worthy it is of finding a mention, without strong referencing they will never find the limelight they deserve in the world of academics.

You can either look for a “write my essay” service or follow this research methodology to do justice to your academic essay. Here are some of the metho
dology listed for the convenience of the student or people who are interested:

  • Go through the essay brief thoroughly

You may get many things in your essay in brief. It could come in the form of instructions or even a diagram. Read your essay prompt to know what you are expected to do, what you want to know or learn. It may have instruction on the tone, format, kind of writing & analysis, etc. Most assignment help providers use essay prompt to start their research and later improvise by using their expertise and past publication experience.

  • Build a foundation with relevant research

You can either do a survey if the time permits. It is completely up to you how long back you wish to go to. You can either pick up the latest research or go back and reference past material to cover the subject in-depth. You can also make use of books to find references. Don’t rely on some random article or a website to collect literature.

  • Find legit references via online libraries & information bases

Most students feel the need for “write my essay” help, as finding legit resources in libraries & databases is time demanding and rather challenging. No matter how much you avoid though these are the only legit resources to swear by when submitting an academic essay.

  • Try a reference management program

To error is human. Since an essay may involve too many in-text references there can be huge scope for error. By using a reference management program you can monitor your resources easily and focus more on the writing part of the essay. In case your referencing is incorrect or lacks the formatting or sequence you will lose your grades over it. You can always onboard a professional though to check if your work is proofread for referencing.


The reason why you should focus on your research is that you don’t want your foundation to be weak. If you share an exemplary idea with your audience but fail to provide enough substance to back it up then the whole idea would shatter. It would be best if you learn the method to conduct research. Given above are steps that can help you get better at research. Most like other things it’s a process, which one can learn and practice over time to get perfection.

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