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What are the responsibilities of a nanny?

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Nannies take the place of primary caregivers in the absence of family members. Hence, the responsibilities of a nanny may vary depending upon the household. The post describes the jobs they need to perform.

  1. Housekeeping Responsibilities

Hiring a nanny in Australia includes adding a job description. Write clearly, what you want them to perform in house chores.

  • Laundry- As a nanny, you need to wash the dirty clothes of the children.
  • Cook meals for them- You need to prepare meals for the children. You have to prepare meals to wash the dishes after cooking.
  • Grocery shopping– The nanny has to do grocery shopping if required. It is part of her responsibility to do such errands and household chores.


  1. Nurture positivity within them

The responsibility of a nanny is to take care of children and nurture them with positivity. She needs to communicate with the kids, engage them with some activities. The focus should be on developing cognitive and behavioral abilities. They also need to teach them table manners.

  1. She should be punctual.

The child imitates his environment. So, as a nanny, you should try to become a role model. It is imperative to come on time, especially if both the parents are working. It vouches out your professionalism and has a direct impact on your salary. It will also teach punctuality among the kids. If you live with the children, it is expected that you should wake up on time and put yourself in the on time.  Oversleeping is unprofessional and breaks the routine. The south coast nannies understand their responsibilities and practice them.

  1. Communicate with the kids and parents

As a nanny, it is essential to communicate with the kids and parents who have hired you for the job. If they don’t have time to talk, you should find other means of communication to share what children did during the day. You can even create a log or make essential information about their nutrition, appetite, activities, behavior, tantrums that they throw, etc. It will bridge the gap between children and parents too. An ideal way of communication is a candid face to face conversation before you leave the place. The parent should get an update from you daily, even if via email, phone call, or text.

  1. Provide them a safe environment

The parent’s job is not limited to find a nanny, but keep an overview on how they handle the kids. The nanny must keep the kids safe and protect them from an emergency. As it is the nanny’s duty to transport the kids to the school, it is necessary to extract all vital information like driver’s record, background check, car safety measures, driver’s phone number, car seats, and installation, etc. When they are inside the car, you need to ensure they are tied with the fastener belts. Keeping the kids safe is one of the primary responsibilities of the nanny. She should be aware of first aid treatment in case the kid suffers from sudden injury or accident.

  1. Engage them with stimulating activities

Stimulating activities help the children to use their imagination to develop mindfulness. It also helps them to strengthen their brain development. Infants’ brains have an abundance of synapses (brain cells) to capture information and build a foundation. If you create an environment of sensory play materials, it can improve their cognitive processing abilities too. They will start thinking creatively and improve their communication skills. Apart from this, you can prevent them from watching Tv or surfing the internet.

  1. A good nanny can help the child to regulate their emotions.

Communication, sensory activities, and right behavior can help children develop empathy towards others, control their negative emotions, and predict social success. Reading, visiting the park, craft will brighten the kids and fuel creativity among them. As a nanny, you must help them with homework also. You can easily find such nannies from nanny agencies Sydney.

Wrap Up

The job requires commitment, honesty, and time. However, the job responsibilities are not limited to the points mentioned above it might span wide, depending upon the parents and their jobs.

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