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What are the specifications of Yeastar s20 PBX?

specifications of yeastar s20 PBX

Nowadays the PBX system is very popular and it is very common among small and medium business. If you own a small or medium business then you should go for it as well. But most of the time we feel confused which one should we select.

And if you are a new user or if you are not an expert then chances are high that you will not select the right one. Then what is the solution? Well, I am here to help you. In this article, I am going to tell you one of the best IP PBX systems. The yeastar s20 PBX. It is one of the best PBX systems you will find in the market right now. That is why I am going to tell you the specification of this PBX system here we go

20 users and 10 concurrent calls

When you will use the PBX system you will have to share it with your employees and sometimes you will have to call many users simultaneously. In that case, you will need a one that is capable of doing this. That means many users should call simultaneously. Only then you can get full benefits of the PBX system and the good news is that yeastar s20 PBX system is offering you 20 users and 10 simultaneous calls at the same time that means you are going to get full advantage of the PBX system.

Built-in call recording capability

Sometimes you need to record your call for a further investigation. If you choose the company or service that is not capable of recording the calls, you will not get what you need. Yeastar s20 PBX system has a built-in Call recording option that means you can easily record your calls and keep it for further investigation.

Voicemail to email

Sometimes you need to send mail through voicemail and the good news is that Yeastar s20 PBX system is capable of doing this.

Call Monitor

If you run a company then you will need to monitor the calls of the employee as well as the users. When you will use Yeastar s20 PBX system, you will get this opportunity to monitor the calls this one of the great specifications, I guess.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Along with this, you can get all the details of the calls of employees as well as your customer. this is a great specification. I am sure you will love it.

Video Calls

And lastly but interestingly this one offers video call since you are living in an era where everything is recorded through video. This one will surely help you. 


Also, User Privileges, 2 Card Slots and maximum 4 Analog, also, 4 BRI, and 1 GSM, Find Me or Follow Me, SIP forking, License Free Structure, intercom/ Paging, Includes 20 SIP Trunks, Include auto-provisioning and LDAP, Mobility extension, IVR, and many others that you will love for sure. So without further late, go for this one and make a smart choice.

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