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What Are the Top 4 Tourist Spots in Chennai?

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Chennai is the proud capital of Tamil Nadu. There are several reasons to travel to Chennai. The city is steeped in rich culture, heritage, and history. This beautiful city is the home to sea beaches, colonial buildings, bustling markets, and some of the oldest temples in the country. If you are searching for a holiday destination with your family, then Chennai can surely top the list. You can contact an agency offering car rental in Chennai, rent a car, and start exploring the diverse tourist attractions around it. Now, take a look at the top 4 tourist spots you cannot simply miss in Chennai.

Covelong Beach - One of the most renowned beaches in Chennai, Covelong Beach, is located along the Coromandel coast. Palm trees and amazing silver sand line the beach. The captivating ambience of this beach will give you a great relaxing experience. Tourists arrive here for day-long excursions and to take part in the different water sports. From swimming to windsurfing, you can do it all. Don't forget to taste the local cuisine in one of the many beach side restaurants and cabanas.

Marina Beach - Another fantastic beachside destination in Chennai, the Mariana beach, is the perfect place to sip on your favourite drinks and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is the longest beach in India, and you will be enthralled to witness both the sunset and the sunrise here. Shop for unique artefacts and trinkets from the shops and boutiques available here. You can also add some adrenaline rush to your veins by going for a speed boat ride or windsurfing.

Valluvar Kotam - If you are a literature lover, this is a must-visit destination in Chennai. Dedicated to the famous Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar, this magnificent chariot asks for a lovely photograph. The perfect time to visit this place is early in the morning or during sunset. The architecture is in a temple-styled chariot, and inside is the great statue of Valluvar. You'll be amazed to see the intricate designs and artworks that are embodied in the chariot.

Ashtalakshmi Temple - The abode of Goddess Laxmi, the god of wealth and knowledge, this temple is very close to the Besant Beach. The temple was constructed to worship the 8 different avatars of Laxmi. The divine and auspicious atmosphere around the temple will surely help you experience peace. Offer your prayers to the divine deity here and pray for your prosperity and good health. You can also hear the waves crashing inside the temple, adding a complete serenity to the ambience all around this place. Opt for car rental in Chennai and head over to this temple.

These are the top places in Chennai you can visit to get a wonderful experience. Make sure to rent a car and drive to all the places you want in Chennai with your family. We are sure that you will have the fun of your life.

Happy and Safe Journey!

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