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What Are the Top Factors You Must Consider When Hiring Event Security?

Do event security guards make the event any safer? You would have seen many guards wandering here and there at public events. They are there to detect any suspicious activity and take the required safety measures to protect others attending the event. 

Event security is becoming even more necessary after terrorist attacks and harassment cases. It must be considered seriously along with other important event planning. Anything can occur during a public event.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a competent team to mitigate unexpected incidents during the event. Below we cover some important things to consider when hiring event security guards. 

Know Their Experience

According to a well reputed security company in Canada, GPS Security Group, Always consider the experience of any security company before deciding to hire them for your upcoming event. A security company with well trained and well-experienced security guards will have better links with local authorities. They will have better risk-detecting skills and action-taking capabilities. 

They must have experience in handling crimes, locating crimes, reacting lawfully, and controlling crowds in unusual conditions. Check and make sure that the security company you plan on choosing has all necessary licenses to operate under event conditions. Licenses vary from state to state, and they must have it to work lawfully. 

Check Their Training

Having thorough theoretical and practical training is mandatory. Check that your intended security team has gone through the necessary training, risk assessment, and other steps to ensure reliable security coverage of the event.

They must be equipped with the right weapons, GPS systems, communication tools, and other essentials to ensure the event is secured and successful. 

Check Their Interpersonal Skills

Event security not only requires proper training and weapons but also strong interpersonal skills as well. The security guards must know of certain techniques to deal with unusual circumstances before they intensify. They must be capable of calming the crowd if the situation is worse. 

Moreover, they must handle the situation professionally and ethically. You can also take the help of your local government to check if certain individuals are licensed or not. 

Arrange A Visit With Your Security Company 

You may be thinking that visiting the venue yourself and hiring a security team would be enough. But, you can get a better idea of what areas of your venue may require higher security by having your security team walk through the venue with you. They may point out a few things that you may not have noticed before. 

A visit to the venue with your security team would help to identify possible measures that they can take to enhance the security of the event. They may assign locations of entry and exit paths for added security. 

Check Their Temper

Your security guards must not be short-tempered. Otherwise, things can get much worse than you can anticipate. Hire those individuals who are calm and professional. They must know how to handle situations calmly rather than intensifying things more. 

For this, you can ask the company owner to form a team for you of individuals with these qualities. A professional security company will consider this and ensure all of its employees are good at controlling their emotions. 

Know The Nature Of The Event

Knowing the nature of the event will help determine how much security you will need. For example, two security guards may be enough for a crowd of 100 people. For smaller events, you can hire a smaller team. For larger events, you would certainly need a bigger team even if there is only one exit and entrance. 

If the audience is being served with food and alcohol, you may need security with special training to tackle such situations as guests may get out of control. 

Ask for References

Any security company will try to give a good impression of itself. Don’t become too easily impressed by their uniform, website, or office. Ask other people about their experiences with the security company and how they covered their event. They will share their experience with you and give you a better idea of their services. 

Take Away


Be it a music concert, expo, conference, or anything, having event security can make your event more successful. Always look for a security team that is experienced, professional, and equipped with the right tools and weapons for dealing with your security needs. Upon considering all these factors, hire the one you find the most competent.

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