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What Are The Top iOS App Development Trends For 2019?

iOS App Development Trends

Technology is evolving with each passing day. The progression is so steep that what used to be relevant earlier may no longer be relevant today. Mobile app development services are the very manifestations of how the fruits of technology can help people in terms of reach, convenience, cost effectiveness, and user experience. The year 2019 shall witness new trends as far as mobile apps, especially those running on the iOS platform, are concerned. The trends shall include new features, functionalities, and security updates. Apple has always been at the threshold of cutting edge technology with its latest OS version, iOS 12 incorporating engaging features to deliver a great user experience. Let us find out how the top global brand is likely to visit the technology space and incorporate the latest ios app development trends.

Latest trends in iOS mobile app development to rule in 2019

Better AI driven Siri: AI driven voice assistants have been lapped up by customers thanks to their utility as an engaging conversational interface. Since its release in 2011, Siri has gained worldwide acclaim from users who were charmed by its ability to receive voice based commands. With the passage of time and many technological advancements, Siri has become smarter. In fact, the AI based assistant has a considerable market share as well – 45.64% as compared to its nearest rivals Google Assistant (28.70%), Amazon Alexa (13.20%) (Source: Voicebot.ai). To help iOS app developers integrate the latest advancements in Siri, Apple has introduced Sirikit. Thus, any iOS mobile app development company can build attractive and engaging apps using Sirikit. The benefits of Sirikit include knowing about the shortcuts for specific actions and creating new ones using voice commands.

Enhanced machine learning ability: Apple has increasingly taken to AI and ML to deliver next-gen functionality. This objective has been strengthened with the introduction of Core ML 2 7-nanometer A12 Bionic processor possessing ‘neural engine’. The engine helps the processor to perform ML based tasks such as Face ID and a new customizable Animoji called Memoji. The same can help users identify unhealthy heartbeat patterns or take better photos. Also, the framework, core machine learning 2 (CoreML 2) helps in creating high performance applications covering tasks such as identification of script, speech tagging, and deploying custom natural language models.

Greater integration of AR & VR: These two technologies help users derive a total immersive experience by adding a slew of digital elements. For iOS 12, Apple has introduced its next-gen AR platform through the ARKit 2 comprising features such as 3D object detection, enhanced face tracking, and measuring the dimensions of objects by hovering the iPhone or iPad over them. The ARKit 2 can let users create an AR based art, which can be viewed later by multiple users at the same place. Moreover, it can help iOS app development services to create multi player games enriched with simulations. To get an idea of how AR based iOS apps function, look into the apps such as Giphy World, Dance Reality, and Houzz. Also, the international furniture giant, IKEA uses AR/VR to help customers get a virtual insight into how their products would look in the customers’ homes without actually having them there.

Better Security: In conjunction with the iOS app development trends in 2019 comes the threat of cyber crime. To address the issue, Apple has laid more focus on the aspects of data security and privacy protection. The new OS version has undergone considerable improvements to thwart hackers from having a field day. Apple has built an enterprise level security ecosystem wherein customers can expect a safe working environment. For example, by using the Authentication Services, users can integrate password management apps with the option of password AutoFill. Also, users can share cookies and website data between the app and Safari using the ASWebAuthenticationSession to enjoy a one time sign-on experience. The trend will be to integrate better authentication and encryption features to drive enhanced security.

Internet of Things: IoT is witnessing a rapid rise in its usage with around 75 billion devices to be connected to the internet by 2020 (Source: Statista.) Apple, in order to help developers connect various IoT devices to the internet, has introduced the HomeKit ecosystem. The HomeKit is equally adept at addressing the home automation concept as well as managing IoT devices for the workplace. Furthermore, the iOS app development services can integrate Siri with IoT devices making the latter even more powerful and user friendly. The advancements in IoT shall witness, both app developers and users, harnessing the potential of connected solutions.

Stronger Apple Pay: The digital wallet and mobile payment services have gained popularity all across the world with an estimated user base of 252 million (Source: Statista.) The report of 9to5mac.com states that in the third quarter of 2018, more than a billion transactions were carried out on Apple Pay. So, with the growth in eCommerce seeing an upward trend, Apple Pay will find better integration with Apple products to drive more secured transactions.

Release of iOS 13: The year 2019 shall see the release of iOS 13, expectedly in the month of June in WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference.) The launch might see the OS embracing the above mentioned functionalities to offer the best user experience.


The iOS app development trends in 2019 will see more integration of technology to create unique user experiences. The trends shall see Apple extending its command over the technology space and offering the best in class features. By doing so, Apple will help top iOS app development services to deliver the fruits of technology to the ultimate benefit of the users.

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