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What are the Trekking Essentials Required for Trekking?

While going on the Annapurna base trek, you will not only experience the 10th tallest mountain in the world but also witness the delightful setting of the Annapurna massif. Imagine waking up with the cool breeze and spellbinding views of the Himalayas from your window. It is an unforgettable experience when the first rays of the sun hits the icy peaks and creates a surreal atmosphere.

If you are looking forward to spending your vacations in the lap of nature with serene views, then Annapurna circuit trekking in Nepal is for you. But before we go for a trek, we need some essentials. If you’re planning for a trekking vacation, here are some helpful tips that you should keep in your mind while backpacking:

  1. Focus on the necessity: It is important to focus on the basics while packing the clothes for trekking. Nowadays, clothes are more useful, waterproof, light and wind resistant. The clothes you are packing should be breathable and comfortable. Fancy and fashionable clothes are of no use. Focus on the quality and stay away from fancy trekking equipment while going for trekking tours in Nepal.
  2. No need to carry extra stuff: Avoid carrying extra stuff, you should do some research before you pack your bags. Through keen research, you know about the things which are not necessary during the trek. By making a list of essential items, you may ease yourself from packing extra stuff for the trek. A few essentials are given below:
  • Trekking shoes
  • Trek pants
  • Sturdy backpack
  • Collared t-shirts
  • Thermals
  • Basic accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Undergarments
  • Water bottles
  • Mandatory documents
  1. Camping equipment: Camping equipment is crucial, but not compulsory. Carrying camping gear will allow you to explore more of nature independently. You may stay in the local villages that enhance your camping experience, or you may explore their local customs, food and festivals during Annapurna circuit trekking in Nepal.
  2. Be climate ready! While travelling through the cloud-kissing mountains, you might need extra layers on your body. The temperature varies throughout the day. You should carry some extra warm clothes along with you. Nights are freezing as compared to the days. On the way to the peak, you need to wear some extra layers; while descending you can take them off.
  3. Carry extra clothes for night: Your clothes start stinking by the end of the day. For the night you should carry extra clothes so that, you can sleep comfortably. You may carry some extra pyjama, t-shirt or socks so that your stinky clothes will also get an opportunity to dry up during the night.
  4. Protect yourself from sun: At high altitudes, the sun becomes unbearable. Make sure you are carrying sunscreen lotion with the right amount of SPF. You must bring a hat or stall to save yourself from the harsh sun. You may carry sunglasses or may use good quality of eye lenses to protect your eyes from the sun. It will be very hard for you to trek with sunburn. So better take precautions beforehand.
  5. Miscellaneous or multipurpose items: Carrying a first aid kit is mandatory when you are going on a trekking tour in Nepal. Swiss knife, torchlight and hand sanitizer will make your trekking experience hassle-free.

Hope these tips will be helpful to you. Happy hiking!

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