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What Are The Types Of Dog Breeds In The World?

Dogs are the first animal to be tamed on the earth. It has been with humans for around 20000 years. All the dogs, either domestic or, wild are known as the ancestors of wolves. Dogs have a positive effect on their owner's health. More than 30% of people worldwide own one or more than one dog at their house.


People use to keep dogs with themselves either for a company or for a security purpose. Dogs are even added to the police squad for security reasons due to their best-smelling nature. They can smell certain things that are nearly impossible for humans to catch.


Although dogs have so many features and health benefits that help their owners, sometimes it can be dangerous as they can carry some germs with them, which is not harmless for dogs but is harmful to children and the owners themselves. Let us discuss it in detail.


Dog breeds


There are around 450 dog breeds in the world, based on their physical appearance that the humans have bred according to their desire. Some people breed the dogs for herding, while some breed for hunting, while some breed for guarding purposes. You must know the various breeds of dogs before thinking of buying one. Some types of dog breeds are pure breeds, crossbreeds, mixed breeds, and some of them are called natural breeds.

Famous dog breeds


There are many dog breeds all over the worlds, but some of the most famous dog breeds are


Doberman Pinscher


It is considered the most dangerous breed of dog in the world. This breed of dog originated from Germany and is now owned by people from all over the world. This breed is considered the most loyal, intelligent, and alert dog, which is why it is the most expensive breed in the world.


German Shepherd


This breed of dogs also fall under the category of most dangerous dogs, and this breed also originated from Germany. This breed is considered the most intelligent, obedient, and strong of all other breeds and this is why this dog breed is used as guard dogs in police or military.




This breed of dog is considered intelligent and energetic. They don't like other breeds of dogs of the same sex, and they can even go wild if not given proper training or left with any child alone. Like birds or cats, any other pet has danger with this breed, so this breed is also considered the dangerous dogs breed.




This is one of the ancient dog's breed and is considered the most expensive breed anyone can have as the number of dogs of this breed decreases day by day. This breed of dog can be found in the price range of three thousand dollars to eight thousand dollars.




This breed of dog is usually found with the British officials or the British's royal people, which is why this breed is considered an expensive dog and is found in the price range of two thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. People also buy this breed to show their masculinity.


Labrador Retriever


This breed of dog is considered to be the most famous breed all over the world. This breed of dog is considered to be the best for its friendly nature with kids and adults. This breed even acts as superior when given a duty to guard.


Different breeds have different body shape, skull shape, fur type, tails phenotype, and even their coat is different on different breeds. Today dog is known as the broadest carnivore species in the world.

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