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What Are The Types Of Plumbing Pipes Used For The Water Main Plumbing Line?

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Water main plumbing issues can crop up at home from time to time. People often take up the charge themselves, but when working on the main pipeline of water, choosing a professional is a wise decision. Messing up with the main pipeline can disrupt the plumbing system of the entire house.

There are different types of plumbing pipes available in the market, so when handling the pipeline work, one has to have complete knowledge about it. A professional plumber knows about it and can provide the right assistance.

The type of pipe to choose is also likely to depend on whether it is a water supply pipe, drainage pipe, sewer pipe, etc. each type of pipe may be composed of a specific material, and thus it's best to choose them only.

So let’s find out more about the types of water main plumbing pipes at homes.

PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are made up of polyethylene and are technically advanced water pipes available in the market these days. You need to remember that it is best adapted for homes as it has been designed and composed for carrying water only.

It’s rigid enough and is also a highly durable one that can easily sustain for more than a decade. It is also easy to install these pipes around all areas of your house, such as your basements, ceilings and alongside walls vertically, inclined, or even in a horizontal position.

Further, you can easily join these pipes to copper pipe ends. There are also some specific colour codes, such as the red one for hot water carrying and the blue one for cold water carrying.

PVC Pipe

These are the most common types of water main plumbing pipes that you have commonly seen around your neighborhood or in your house.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride initially gained a lot of popularity since it was cheaper than installing metal pipes made of stainless steel.

Further, their lightweight and extreme durability and no corrosion problems made them a fine choice over copper, aluminum, and steel pipes.

But the problem is in recycling as PVC is one form of engineered plastic that cannot be easily decomposed in nature.

Copper Pipes

It’s not very common in homes, but you will see these pipes being used as supply lines. Copper is used because it does not pose any health risks. Also, it can handle heat issues quite well, and thus it is highly used as water main plumbing lines in warner areas.

Copper is also easily recyclable and has monetary value. Coming to the disadvantages of using copper pipes is that it is a costly option.

ABS Pipe

This is another compound used for making mostly the vent pipes and water main plumbing pipe for drainage systems in your house. It can be deceptive in its looks and pretty much looks like the PVC pipes.

The ABS pipes are generally a bit darker in complexion and slightly softer than the PVC pipes. It is good for exterior or underground use. The best part is that it can be used in colder regions where the water ma freezes up at night within the pipes. The pipes will expand in diameter because they do have some elasticity in them.

Final say

Based on the options, you can choose the right type of material for the water main plumbing Remember that it is not only about the budget; you have to choose the right type of material. You got to look at the features, the external weather conditions, and the end-use you are buying the pipes.



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