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What are the types of Vedic maths multiplication?


Vedic Maths is an ancient Indian mathematics system that is gaining a lot of popularity these days. This is because in this system of mathematics, calculations can be done in a very simple and easy manner. This system had been practiced in ancient India and was re-established about 50 years back. Today, students are very keen to learn this system of calculations so that they can calculate mentally with great precision. As compared to modern mathematics, Vedic Mathematics is an unconventional and straight- forward system of calculations where in calculations can be done mentally without writing on paper. With this system of calculations, students can perform complex and long problems easily and in less time. This there by helps the students to perform well academically in Maths.

Calculations in Vedic Maths are based on what are known as Sutras. Sutras are small and simple formulae that can be applied to different types of numbers to perform different types of calculations in various branches of Maths like arithmetic, algebra as well as calculus.

To learn Vedic Maths tricks, students usually need guidance from an expert teacher. Vedic Maths for kids is also taught online on many platforms. These online platforms have the best experts who teach the students Vedic Maths tricks on a one-on-one basis. Ziyyara Edu tech is one of the leading platforms that help students learn Vedic Maths in a very effective manner. In addition to teachings ever all tricks of performing calculations in an easy manner, experts at Ziyyara teach Vedic Maths multiplication as well.

Multiplication in general is a tough operation and requires students to remember a lot of tables as well as numbers when doing the calculations. However, with the help of Vedic Maths multiplication tricks, students can perform the tough Maths calculations in a quick, simple and easy manner without mugging up a lot of tables.

The types of Vedic Maths multiplication taught to students are divided into general methods and specific methods. These methods can be used in different scenarios. When numbers have to meet certain conditions or criteria, specific methods are applied. The general methods are friendlier as these can be used and applied to all types of calculations and all types of numbers.

The specific techniques of Vedic Maths multiplication are:

  • Nikhilam Sutra: This is the simplest method of multiplying numbers that are close to the power of 10. This method helps students to learn short cuts so that they can multiply large numbers in a quick manner which otherwise may take a lot of time. Numbers like 102 and 96, 994 and 990 can be easily multiplied using the formula of this sutra.
  • Anurupneya Sutra: When a student has to find the product of two numbers that are close to each other, this method or trick can be used. For instance, to find the product of numbers like 54 and 58, this trick can be applied. The use of this sutra over rules the need of solving this sum on paper.
  • EkayunenaPurvenaSutra:It is a multiplication trick that can be applicable when the multiplier has only 9 as its digits. For instance, to multiply 179 and 99, the students can use this specific method. Likewise, multiplication of 112 and 9999 can be one using this method in an easy manner.
  • Antyaordaske’ pi:This method of Vedic Maths multiplication is used in specific conditions. When ever the last two digits of the numbers whose product has to be found add up to 10, students can easily use this trick. For instance, this method can be used to find the product of when 46 and 164 have. This is because when the last two digits of these numbers are added, we get the sum as 10. So,thismethodcanbeusedtomultiplythenumbersinaverysimpleandeasymanner.

General methods in Vedic Maths are :

  • UrdhavaTiryak Sutra:This method is a simple method of multiplying any type of number. The method can be used when the product of numbers that have 3 digits, 4 digits or numbers that have more than 4 digits has to be calculated. Using this method, this can be done in a very easy and simple manner. This method uses vertical and cross wise method of multiplying the given numbers. Using this method, students can quickly solve complex problems in little time.
  • Vinculum Process of Multiplication This is a trick of multiplication used with UrdhavaTiryak Sutra whenever numbers with 6, 7, 8 or more digits have to be multiplied. The multiplication of numbers with a large number of digits is not only tough and complex but also time consuming. This method Vedic Maths multiplication converts the large numbers to smaller numbers of 1 , 2, 3 or 4 digits making their multiplication easy and quick.

With the help and use of multiplication tricks of Vedic Maths, students cannot only gain speeding performing calculations but canal so perform the so calculations accurately. The use of these tricks of Vedic Maths helps the students to increase concentration as students need to know table still 9 only instead of remembering a lot of information there by freeing their minds to focus on several other types of calculations. Students who get the hang of Vedic Maths tricks can prevent making silly mistakes in their exams and there by score well in Maths.

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