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What are the Uses of a Microwave Convection Oven?

Probably all of us in domestic and commercial kitchens are grateful for microwave ovens for existing. No appliance could have been more efficient in multitasking. A microwave oven can heat, cook, and defrost food, which is just amazing. Most of us are aware of microwave ovens, but only a few know what a microwave convection oven is. You must have heard about a variety of convection ovens UK; a microwave oven is one of those. 

What is it a Microwave Convection Oven? 

If you break down the name into three distinct parts, you will get Microwave, Convection, and Oven. So, yes, a microwave convection oven is an amalgamation of microwave and convection oven. It means that it allows you to bake and roast in addition to heating. They are definitely, a good choice to add to the kitchen due to their versatile features and shape. 

Uses of a Microwave Convection Oven: 

With a microwave oven, you can only heat, and it takes too much time to cook. Whereas, with a microwave convection oven, you perform the following tasks. 

1.    Baking: 

You do not need a different oven to bake cakes, cookies, bread, and muffins. Because a convection oven it quickly and efficiently. For making cakes in a microwave convection oven, you do not require any additional procedures. You have to prepare the batter and pour it into a microwave-safe container. Slide the container into the microwave oven, and your cake or cookies will be ready in a few minutes. 

2.    Roasting: 

Roasting is one of the best things we love to do in kitchens. You can roast chicken and nuts in a microwave convection oven. On a microwave-safe plate place the nuts and turn on the microwave oven for one minute or less or more according to your preference. 

3.    Blanching: 

Blanching vegetables are one of the best things you can do in a microwave convection oven. It maintains the nutrients, crispiness, and taste of vegetables. All you have to do is to contain vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl and cook for few minutes. 

4.    Grilling: 

The the microwave convection oven is very useful for grilling. Many convection ovens have skewers. You can place the food that you want to grill on skewers and put it in the oven. Make sure you adjust the settings on the grill. 

Advantages of a Microwave Convection Oven: 

1.    Multi-functional: 

Probably, one of the most significant advantages of a convection microwave oven is that it is multifunctional. A single oven can perform multiple tasks as heating, baking, grilling, and roasting. However, ordinary ovens perform only a single designated function. This feature makes it highly convenient to use for completing multiple tasks. 

2.    Quick service: 

You will save a lot of time using a microwave convection oven. Due to high temperature aided with the quality convection oven, it cooks faster than any other oven. The feature of the convection oven is that its fans circulate hot air in the oven, which evenly and rapidly cooks and heats the food. Therefore, it performs quick service and makes your cooking task efficient. 

3.    Consumes less energy: 

Because the oven quickly cooks the food, it does not run for a long time. As a result, it saves electrical energy as well as time. 

4.    Easy to use: 

Although a microwave convection oven is multifunctional, it is very easy to use. Any lame person can operate this oven and can bake, roast, and grill. 

Bottom Line: 

A microwave oven has multiple uses, unlike a solo microwave oven. It can grill, roast, blanch, and bake food items. If you haven’t had a Microsoft yet, you must get one now.  

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