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What are web safe fonts and web fonts?

Sending emails should match the established brand reputation. Not only the design incorporate colors but also the choice of a special font allows you to stand out against similar offers in the market. Thanks to the variety of options, you will be able to highlight your individuality.

The main problem is that often it’s not easy to decide what font is most suitable. When creating a newsletter, consider the devices your recipients use, the email domain, and more. To get the information you need, you need to know the main differences between emailing fonts.

How to use web-fonts in your email campaigns

A newsletter begins with creating suitable text. The use of graphic elements and a specific font allows you to emphasize your special style. It will be possible to join progressive companies by exploring the available font diversity.

The preparation of the text begins with the choice of a suitable format for presenting the information. Web design involves the use of two popular categories of fonts:

  1. Web-safe fonts. Their peculiarity is that the selected font remains unchanged on various devices. The text formatted in the selected email safe font will be displayed in the same way in your email regardless of the domain or viewing method. Choose classic fonts to emphasize your conservatism.
  2. Web fonts. The key difference of this category is that they may be absent on some devices and email agents. In other words, the text may be displayed incorrectly or even turn into a set of meaningless characters. Its advantage is that the designer has more options.

To use unique fonts, you should add the corresponding code. Such a solution will allow you to send emails with web fonts to various devices without the risk of converting words into a set of random characters. The creation of such an algorithm requires compliance with certain conditions.

The font stack is like a world that allows you to add fonts that suit your brand. This function is the basis for writing electronic codes. Web developers prioritize converting text to a specific font.

The use of the best fonts for emails shows the special character of the company and the ability to convey information to the recipient. Customers who subscribe to your newsletter get access to offers in the form that is available on their devices and in their email clients.

Wrap up

Access to a diverse set of fonts and an ability to choose the best business email fonts from all options allows you to create a unique style that gradually becomes recognizable. It takes more time to work on the text, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

The available options include changing the font-weight and style (with or without serifs), as well as line heights. Make sure the selected changes are saved and will be available on all client devices. Get support at

Massmailsoftware services will help you avoid common problems and create the perfect look for your newsletters. The access to useful tools and the ability to use them for marketing will be a beneficial acquisition for those companies caring about their future.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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