What Can a Bench Grinder Be Used for?


A bench grinder is something few people have experience with, even though in many respects, it's extremely useful in several aspects of life at once. It’s one of the kinds of grinding machines functioning based on a benchtop. It uses two abrasive wheels that help fulfill the grinding purpose. The way it’s structured helps avoid excessive vibration, so a person using it doesn’t feel jerky and can work in peace. The wheels themselves operate with the help of a motor that rotates them, and its speed differs according to your preferences. You can reduce the number of rotations per minute or on the contrary, increase them. There are several types of varying sizes, so every person who needs one can find a perfect model. Here’s what it can be used for:

  • Sharpening tools;
  • Shaping of objects;
  • Removal of rust or ruined parts of the surface;
  • Deburring purposes.


Almost each of us has faced the necessity to sharpen a dull knife, make an ax cut properly again, or return sharpness to any other useful tool – from small kitchen knives to large objects, such as a lawnmower. Not all machines will get this task done properly, so you should get the best bench grinder that will fulfill its responsibilities as it should. Tempered steel will deal with the tool of any density while special locking pliers will help you protect your fingers from being cut as you’re using your grinder for sharpening. It’s better to use low speed for this purpose because you have to stay in control of how sharp your object is becoming.


If you’d like to change the form of some hard tool, you can do it with a bench grinder. Determine which parts you prefer to eliminate or transform and get to work. Turn the object under required angles and use a grinder on it, stopping when you feel like your goal has been realized. If you’re still not satisfied, repeat this process.

Removal of Rust

Many tools become rusty orange with time. It ruins the aesthetics and is harmful since it might affect the qualities of other things it comes into contact with. Use a bench grinder to remove the layer of rust or any other unpleasant coating. Work slowly since in most cases, only a thin strip will have to be removed.


Sometimes, annoying burrs and other protruding things emerge on the surface of a tool. It ruins all operations that can be done with it. The bench grinder is a solution that will remove burrs quickly and without any significant efforts, making your tool perfect again.

Get Your Perfect Bench Grinder and Use It as You Please

Selection is everything, so before making a purchase, you should consider all relevant aspects of a grinder. Think about the best angle under which you’ll be working. Select a proper diameter. Sure, most bench grinders can get the same tasks done, but for enhanced results, select one that’s focused on a purpose you’re most interested in.