What Can Go Wrong When Lubricating Industrial Machinery?


Lubricating your industrial machinery may sound very simple, and you may resume that nothing can go wrong while doing it. You might not be entirely correct in believing it. There are certain mistakes most of the operators of industrial machinery commit. These mistakes can actually bring the machinery down on its knees. It may affect business continuity adversely. Let’s see some of these common mistakes you must be careful about.

Glitches in radiator cooling

If the radiator in the machinery is not lubricated enough, it affects cooling. The result is glitches in the machinery. Sometimes there are defects in the radiator, which causes overheating and sometimes leakage.Lack of maintenance often results in such disputes, which prevents proper lubrication. Though radiator repair is always the best way to do away with this, regular maintenance is always recommended to extend its resilience.

Wrong choice of lubricants

The biggest mistake you can commit is selecting the wrong lubricant for machinery. Every lubricant is capable of doing a certain function or two, but not all. Similarly, every machine needs a specific function to be performed by the lubricant.

If you use a lubricant that is good for performing one function and the machine needs something else from the lubricant, it wouldn’t serve its purpose. If the lubricant doesn’t do something the machine needs, the machine can go down.

Neglecting the lubricant maintenance

Another mistake that’s mostly committed is ignoring the maintenance aspect of the lubrication. An effective lubrication system or right industrial lubrication products are important for the proper functioning of the machinery. It involves taking care of the lubricant inside the machinery and keeping an eye on its condition. It’s not about selecting the right lubricant once, putting it in the machine, and after that, forget it. The key to having a properly functioning lubricant is to monitor its condition, appearance, and performance through proper maintenance.
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Not focusing on the lubrication process

A proper lubrication process involves many things; lubricant selection, storage, transportation, and monitoring. Most people miss out on some protocols like lubricant storage and transportation. The biggest problem during these two phases of a lubricant’s life is the chances of becoming contaminated. You need to be careful and vigilant while storing your lubricant or transporting it from one point to another. If it gets contaminated with dust and other undesired external particles, it’ll not remain useful for the machinery. It may cause serious damage to the components of the machinery.

It’s also important to know that you get new oil, it has already been transferred to temporary containers from the barrels, and after more than a couple of transportation processes, it arrives at your facility. So, it’s not likely that the lubricant is absolutely clean. You would need to filter it even though you have in your mind that new oil is always clean, well not true always.    

Not having a trained staff

The staff at your industrial facility must have some basic training in lubrication management and maintenance. Your staff must know the importance of keeping the machine well lubricated. It’ll prepare them to keep an eye on the machinery and the lubrication in it. Whenever the machine needs the help of a professional lubrication expert. If you have a staff that understands its significance, they’ll be able to manage the lubrication of the machinery with the help of professionals. The ones who are running and operating the machinery will be the first to notice some change in the machinery’s performance due to a problem in the lubrication. True professional operators themselves keep an eye on their machinery from all aspects. People make a mistake in thinking that lubrication is the responsibility of the lubrication experts which is true. However, it doesn’t mean that the machinery operators should not know anything about what’s going on in the machinery.

To make sure that the machinery runs perfectly and remains in perfect condition, it must have a proper lubrication program in place.