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What can make a plumbing leak?

Household leaks can happen anytime. However, what people mostly miss out on is the reasons why the leaks might have occurred in the first place. If you are not the reason behind the damaged pipes, then what might have caused the leak that to all of a sudden. Have you thought about the faulty pipes, or is the leakage the sign of something else, something more terrible?

In most of the cases, the typical household leakage will be associated with old aged pipes that have suffered from normal wear and tear. You need to find the reasons why the leakages have happened in the first place, and once you get to know, you will have to figure out the steps that you will have to take in order to cope up with the faults. Let’s get to know why plumbing leaks may happen in the first place.

Some common plumbing leak problems:

Broken seals: If you pay attention to your appliances, you will notice that they have seals installed. The seal will be installed on the point from where water flows out. Just like any other fixture part, even seals can break or wear out with time because of several reasons. When the seal breaks, the water which should flow into the appliance will start to leak out. There are chemical drain cleaners available online and offline, but your job is to first call a plumber in Pasadena

Clogs: Clogs can cause a lot of issues and will make water to start backing up—this results in placing a lot of pressure in the inside of the pipe. With time the pressure will become unbearable for the seal, and the outcome will be leakage of water from the sides of the pipe. The water pressure can even break the seal and create a leakage.

Corrosion: Another thing that can happen to the inside walls of the pipe is corrosion and rust. Corrosion can occur a lot faster if the water is hard; else, the water pressure is too high. Once the pipe starts to corrode, it won’t be able to bear the water pressure. Eventually, when the pipe fails to protect it from leaking, you will begin seeing water coming out.

How to prevent water leakage?

Don’t use chemical drain cleaners

Chemical cleaners are surely an easy fix, but they can be dangerous to use. The cleaners won’t be able to differentiate between pipes and clogs. If you use the cleaners for a longer time, you will end up damaging the inside of the pipes too. And eventually, the cleaner that you bought to keep the pipes safe will be chewed up by the ingredients of the cleaner. 

Drains should never be used as a garbage can

Most of the pipe leakage happens because of two main reasons. The first reason is when the fittings are loose, and the second when there is a lot of clogs, and it is putting a lot of pressure on the walls of the pipes. If you have been using these pipes as a replacement for your garbage can, then you must stop doing it right away. Clogs mean that your drain requires some cleaning. The more stuff you will put inside these pipes, the more the pipes will be clogged.


If you want to be free from these leakage problems without causing any issue, call the right plumber in Gilbert. Only a plumber will be able to find out what is happening, and what is causing the leakage. Not every plumbing issues can resolve by DIY videos. Some can be fixed by plumbers only, that’s why you need to call plumbers only.

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