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What Can You Do to Be Safe From Poor Air Quality?

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When you step out of the house,an alarming number of air pollutants pose a risk to your health. It is an unfortunate reality that India’s air quality is steadily becoming worse over the years. More people now complain of medical conditions such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, etc.

In such a distressful situation, protecting yourself by taking necessary precautions is a priority. Wearing a pollution face mask has become more common because of this, especially in significantly polluted areas. But, apart from that, there are other things you can do to remain safe.

Let’s take a look at some practical ways for safety against air pollution:

1.        Keep a Check On The Air Quality

The air quality index gives you an idea of how polluted the air is on a particular day. You can avoid being outside for long, or wear a pollution face mask accordingly. In addition to the air quality index, traffic reports and weather forecast can also help gauge the situation. If you find the air quality to be dangerously low, maintain a distance from highly polluted areas, if possible. You can cut back on activities such as outdoor exercising.

2.      Wear Pollution Face Mask

If you cannot avoid going out, wearing a pollution face mask is advisable to stay safe.But, you must find the right mask for yourself. There is an abundance of options in the market today which are likely to confuse you if you are looking for a pollution face mask.

Here are some important things to remember to find a good quality pollution face mask:

·         Find out if it is made of comfortable material. If the mask causes discomfort, you won’t be able to wear it for a long time.

·         The filtration efficiency of the pollution face mask is crucial to check since it is the key purpose of buying it. Different masks offer varying levels of filtration to trap airborne particles. You can look at Airific 2.0 anti-pollution face mask by Nirvana Being that can block more than 96% of pollutants.

·         The breath ability of a pollution face mask depends on the technology and the fabric used for making it. When you buy it from a reliable brand, it may offer easier breathability without compromising quality.


3.      Develop Healthier Eating Habits

Your eating habits can be responsible for your health conditions to a great extent. Introducing specific changes in your dietary habits can go a long way. You can include antioxidant-rich and immunity-boosting foods in your regular eating habits. For instance, you can make your morning cup of tea with some ingredients such as jaggery, ginger, honey, basil leaves, etc.

Furthermore, staying hydrated is necessary to flush out toxins from your system regularly. These are changes in your daily routine that can keep you generally fit and healthy. When you adopt these changes and take precautions such as wearing a pollution face mask, it creates an additional safety layer.

4.      Ensure Proper Ventilation At Home              

You can wear a pollution face mask outside of your home, but what do you do to stay protected inside? Not many people may be aware that indoor pollution can be just as harmful to your health, if not more. The air inside your house is not immune to the impact of worsening air quality.

Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate measures to keep your home safe. Since wearing a pollution face mask at all times is not possible, adequate ventilation inside the house is recommended. It will ensure that there is ample fresh air inside the home and prevent the growth of moulds.You can also consider installing an air purifier to keep the air quality inside your house in check.

Make The Air Around You Healthier

These are some of the steps that one can take to stay protected. But, it is also essential to consider your contribution to the worsening air quality. Simple changes in your lifestyle, such as taking public transportation, disposing of waste correctly can bring changes in the future.

In the meantime, make sure to prioritize your health and take the necessary steps to maintain it. Even if you feel that your health is in good shape, wearing a pollution face mask can only be helpful. When it is about your well-being, there should be no room for compromise.

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