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What Can You Do With an MSN Degree?

You can never stop learning if you are a nurse. There is always something new in the field of health care every day and the more information you get, the better you can treat your patients. It is great to say up to date with the latest regulatory rules and regulations that you need to obey as a nurse.

The best thing to do would be getting an MSN online degree or a master’s degree at a university campus. By doing this you will refresh your knowledge and get to know of the latest information to give the best healthcare possible to your patients and clients. You might be a nurse who is willing to take the next step and get a master’s degree to further your career and get better job opportunities and better pay, but, you might be questioning yourself, what will I be able to do with an MSN degree? Will it help me out in the future? What jobs can I apply for? Don’t worry, because today, we are going to share with you some jobs that you can apply for after doing an MSN. There are many career options that you can go for, some of theses career options are listed as follows:

Nurse Anesthetist

This is one of the top career positions that you can apply for after completing a master’s degree of science in nursing. With an average pay of around 157,000 dollars per year, it is a very prestigious position for a nurse. To become a nurse anesthetist, you must first get a bachelor’s degree in nursing, followed by passing the NCLEX exam, obtaining a nurse's license and gaining experience by working as a licensed nurse. When you have done that you need to pass a master’s program in nursing anesthesia and its board examination. Once you have done all of this you will be able to qualify and apply for a job as a nurse anesthetist.

The primary job of a nurse anesthetist is to administer anesthesia to patients who are undergoing surgery. During the process of surgery, the nurse may also monitor the patient for ensuring the levels of anesthesia and how the patient is responding to the administration. The responsibilities of a nurse anesthetist are far greater than a general registered nurse.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Family nurses have the same educational requirements as any other practicing nurse. The process to become one is the same as an anesthetist nurse. Get a bachelor’s degree, followed by the NCLEX exam, nurse’s license, gaining experience through working at a hospital and getting the required master’s degree in the field. The average pay of a family nurse is around 107,000 dollars per year.

When you work as a family nurse, you can have patients outside the hospital. When you work in this field, you may find yourself working with large families and help them in healthcare issues and over-all development. The work environment for a family nurse is very comfortable as most patients are family-oriented and schedule their appointments in advance.

Director Of Nursing

The requirements for this job position can vary from clinic to clinic and hospital to hospital. It also depends on the requirements of the state the facility is located in. If you want to apply for a job as a head nurse or director, you need to get a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree in nursing. You should also be a registered nurse before you even think of applying for this position.

Due to the workload that comes with such a position, a lot of experience is required to handle tasks and work related to this position. A director of nursing’s job description usually involves managing nursing staff, setting up schedules and rosters, and solving any conflicts between nurses working under you. You also need to have ample organizational and communication skills as you will have to answer to an executive member of the hospital. The average pay of a director of nursing is around 94,000 dollars per year.

Surgical Nurse

To become a surgical nurse, you must enroll in a master’s program with a focus on surgical sciences. Also, you have to be a registered nurse first before you even think of enrolling in such a program. These programs usually focus on teaching nurses how to handle and assist in complex surgeries to ensure patient recovery from start to finish.

As this field of nursing is highly specialized, there will be a lot of hands-on training during the degree program. When working as a surgical nurse, the working environment can be highly unpredictable. You may find yourself working in the trauma department, intensive care units, or general surgery department. The working environment differs from each other and you will have to adapt to it accordingly. The main job of a surgical nurse is to prepare the patient for surgery and take care of him or her after they get done with the surgery. Also, you will be asked to do different tasks and help the surgeon during the surgical procedure.

The job description varies from facility to facility, so it is a great idea to prepare yourself accordingly and learn the process well. The average pay of a surgical nurse can be around 74,000 dollars per year.

Nursing Instructor

A nursing instructor’s or teacher’s job is to educate students about what nursing methods and ethics go alongside good nursing care and practice. Most job opportunities regarding a nursing instructor require you to complete a minimum of a master’s degree in nursing along with years of working experience.

As the working environment in the nursing department is diverse, it will require that you hold a good amount of knowledge about nursing practices and methods along with a good amount of work experience, as it will make a great teacher. When you work as a nursing instructor, you will be faced with the challenge of teaching different kinds of nurses every day.

The students that you will be teaching will be looking to complete the same degree that you have, so it is a great idea to give them information about the things you had to go through to achieve that degree. You will also be required to create an organized lesson plans that touch all the basics and important facts about the profession of nursing. This type of career path is really rewarding. Not only will you be providing accurate information to students and teaching them proper nursing practices, but you will also have a hand in developing successful nurses that will provide great care to patients.

The Final Words

When you earn a master's degree of science in nursing, you are effectively shaping the future of every health department. Getting an advanced form of degree will allow you to make life-changing decisions and you will have a say in every important decision of a clinic or hospital. There are many programs online that you can look for and search on the internet and apply at your university of choice. Also, the advantages of getting an MSN outweigh any disadvantages that it might have. Today, we have made you aware of what you can do with an MSN degree. It is a good idea to consider these things before you apply and enroll in such a program.

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