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What Care Is Needed To Have A Vegetable Garden At Home?

Do you know what care is needed to have a vegetable garden at home? Starting a vegetable garden at home? Then read this article to know what care is needed to keep your home garden healthy!

Besides being great for the health of the body, having a vegetable garden can be an excellent hobby and become therapeutic, especially in times of confinement. But of course, to keep your home garden you need to have the right care and also use a lawn fertilizer service near me. That's why we bring this information for you to take care of your small plantation as if you were a professional.

Caring For Your Home Garden

It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment or at home, having a vegetable garden is always a great choice, but you need to choose the right environments and materials for your plants to grow well. So, check if you have already chosen what you want to plant, where will be the best place for your plants, it has to have plenty of space and incidence of sunlight. With all that ready, now just keep! So, keep an eye out for some important precautions:

Pay attention to drainage: The water must be easily drained by the soil, since watering needs to be daily. Being twice a day in summer and once a day in winter.

Amount of sun: the garden must receive at least four hours of sun a day to ensure its good development

Soil care: The soil should be rich in organic matter and nutrients and still have a balanced pH, neither too acidic nor too alkaline. For this you can use fertilizers, there are numerous chemical fertilizers, but if you want an organic garden, choose natural fertilizers, such as earthworm humus and castor bean pie, they guarantee a fast and pest-free growth.

Pruning And Harvesting

Many people are afraid when it comes to pruning their plants, but it is necessary to always keep them healthy, you can also use a lawn fertilizer service near me. Keeping dry leaves or diseased branches can harm your crop. So, you can fearlessly those parts that are sick and which you find necessary.

Another nice pruning tip, if you want to have more fragrant leaves, avoid the growth of flowers, so you can regularly use your vegetable garden. Now, when harvesting, avoid doing this by hand, as this way you can end up shaking the structure of the plant. The ideal is to cut a branch, including the stems, with good scissors, this way you leave favorable conditions for new sprouts to grow.

How To Make A Sideway Lawn

Gardening is considered by most people as a necessary therapeutic moment, it helps you to be always in harmony with the home and also contributes to a life with less stress and that prioritizes your well-being on a daily basis. If you want to bet on this solution and surprise everyone, stay with us and see in the topics below some ideas that will help you build yours. Good reading!

Brick Path

One of the simplest ideas related to how to make a sidewalk garden is to bet on a brick path. For those who want to focus on a sustainable solution, there are those that are produced in an ecological way. Some are developed with plastic waste materials, others from a pet bottle. It is up to the objective of each resident. In the corners of the area try to put grass mats or plant trees in the middle, depending on the size.

Ceramic Floor

The sidewalk with a tile floor is an economical and practical solution, especially when cleaning the area. There is stone from Minas, a material that can be glued in the center of the area, which combines a lot with the investment in palm trees or other small trees, such as Bracatinga-rósea or Ipê-de-jardim.

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